Mood Map

There are days when the delicate equilibrium of my usual sparkling good nature fails a bit, and I have myself a little bout o’ the moody. It’s not necessarily anybody’s fault, but sometimes it is, and you better bet those bodies responsible are festooned with chest-hair and dangly bits.

Today, all is well with the world. I’m sporting the kind of deep-down, lazy satisfaction that generally accompanies either mind-melting sexual fulfillment or the consumption of a bum-wiggling good sandwich.

*melts and wiggles simultaneously to throw off the curious*

Yesterday though, it was an iTunes roller coaster. See, I can map my recent emotions through the iTunes ‘recently played’ folder.

Here’s how it played out.

On waking:

After cracking an offended eye at the bleary, gray splotched daylight, took a desperate swipe at waking. -Soul Coughing- Super Bon BonTurned over, promptly fell back to sleep.


On second waking:

Rolled over onto phone, groaning, checked time. Cursed. Rose to check e-mail. Cursed. Gloomily stared into the depths of OSX, mentally stripping down the daily to-do list. – Smashmouth- Then the Morning Comes



After a cheery breakfast of leftover stir-fry chicken and Dr. Pepper, a quick shower and some reproachful glares at the cell phone, a brief patch of optimism defined by a long string of Silversun Pickups that morphed, unexpectedly, into Ingrid Michaelson- The Way I Am.


Now, the long dark tea-time of the soul, the *waiting* part of the day. When I could be doing something better with my time, but I’m just not fucking gonna. Not today. – Lazlo Bane- Trampoline – & Sarah Harmer- Weakened State-.


And then the dangerous descent into those most volatile climates of the feminine repertoire: Fiona Apple, baby. Criminal– ShadowBoxer- Sleep to Dream.


The fight & the remorse parts:

Basement Jaxx- Where’s Your Head At!, Feist- So Sorry, Aimee Mann- Save Me-.


The lovey dovey shit:

Jesse McCartney… *shame faced* yes, I’ll admit it. That little Disney brat who can’t play his own instruments. ‘Take Your Sweet Time’, and then Bob Schneider- The World Exploded into Love-.

Happy Bouncy: Actually, a YouTube for this one: David Bowie’s ‘Dance, Magic, Dance” from the Labyrinth, (courtesy of Chuck Full o’ Blog)


At long last, the softer, reflective tunes that come when darkness falls down: Sara Bareilles, Between the Lines and -The Damnwells- Golden Days-.


Sleepy time. -Wilco- Either Way

What a day.


9 thoughts on “Mood Map

  1. yes they are. unfortunately, they are just a tad too loud for me.

    the iTunes on my MacBook happen to be very uncooperative and show me something less… empathic.

    interesting post idea.

  2. Love the Fiona Apple and had totally forgotten about her. Used to have a couple of her cds. And of course the Wilco. As for Bowie, how could anyone seeing that movie, or video, even judge the Javier haircut as even unusual. That Bowie there is some world class bad hair.

  3. Nice musical choices…and as for your choice of breakfast food…well done there as well! Now to get to sleep, you might choose Enter Sandman by Metallica….or not…

  4. Fiona Apple is a fave of mine. Sarah Harmer too, before she countrified herself. Her old band, Weeping Tile was killer. Too bad they only put out one CD.

  5. Sorry I’m hungover after too much wine on my birthday last night and your breakfast choices are making me want to…………….say no more. I will come back and play the music while I eat my lunch, not what you had GRIN.

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