Quick Musing #3

Why does everything hafta go by threes?

It’s like, not a completed cycle unless you’ve got a third to throw up there. And three is a strange, awkward number. But maybe it kind of gives people enough options to have a preference, to have a favorite; to choose a little order, organize a mini-hierarchy, set up a pyramid scheme, impress strangers with your dearth of evil step-sisters, set-up a precedent for bears, stooges and ill-fated blind mice.

Three is enough to be jovial, and the perfect equation for drama.

Aw shit, I went and answered my own question.


6 thoughts on “Quick Musing #3

  1. You did answer it! When I worked in marketing we had a seminar where we discussed how we were always to give three choices to a client. It’s the magical number. Two choices is black and white. Either/or. Not good! Three is just enough choices without being overwhelming or causing too much debate.

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