No Reason


Feel the need to reach out and grab hold of you, as you go by.

No reason. Except the colors of you, the particular way that you fold in and echo out again, touches me, and

you might be special, you might not. But I saw you, knew the timbre of your voice, exchanged for a moment a precious ounce of my time for an ounce of yours, and, as far as I know

we all go spiralling again, out toward the stars, to our personal hells and our fail-safe salvations, marbled sometimes by regret, relief and patience to escape what we couldn’t agree or share together.

Overlap is love. Color fading, and the arm stark, pale against the pillow in the cold neon light.

I have to hold on a little longer

let you know your colors were significant
that my soul only released you, because it had to
and if I see you again,

you’ll be home.


12 thoughts on “No Reason

  1. “Feel the need to reach out and grab hold of you as you go by”

    You had me there. Who hasn’t felt that feeling? Do you have a special code to life that the rest of us don’t? This is so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful, original idea perfectly executed, balanced tone, enough poetry to give it depth and emotional resonance without overpowering the reader, wonderful,

  3. rick mobbs & Crafty Green Poet-

    Thanks for the kind words, and to the both of you, Welcome.

    Paul- You know what was cool about this one? It’s a first draft. This is exactly how it came out. That doesn’t happen often, when it goes straight to the paper from the idea, with no futzing in between. In those instances I rather feel like a conduit.

    anhinga- You are, as always, very kind. No code, sometimes the words just work out better. Yay for that!

    hi barbara…. got spring yet?

    Robin- thanks :)

    Molo- I could tell you what it was, but it might ruin the mystique. I’ve looked at it too many times, and now the red bit in the center seems ever so slightly obscene.

    Bob- Praise be to muppets.

    jo- Your influence is in here, somewhere. The careful closing, that’s a leaf out of your book.

  4. This sweeps me away. It’s just… lovely. And me personally, I was looking at the red splash, (before reading your own comment about it) and was thinking how I liked it because sometimes it seems to be right up front set sturdily in place and at others it seems to be subtly moving forward from the background.

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