9 months & search terms

Quick stats for Stop & Wander’s 9 month anniversary and then I’ll share some of my favorite search engine terms from this week.

Blog Stats:

Total Views: 44, 995
Best Day Ever: 969
Views Today: 176

Posts: 305
Comments: 2, 841
Categories: 208

How people found this blog this week:

how much chocolate will kill a human? – from ‘suicidal with a sweet tooth’

zombie faces – try C-span

mexican skull – la cabesa de muerte

anal floss – More popular than common sense would dictate.

taking a bra off with your teeth – Promise me you’ll wait till the braces come off.

vision blurry swirls – if you can type it, you’re not that high.

batman you can call me bob – Dude, he’s batman. He can call you whatever he wants.

do grizzlys eat just salmon eyes and bra – Sure, if they survive the underwires.

living dead skulls – perfectly normal freak.

blog dwarf sex – I fear you may have left this place disappointed.

alien sucked me off – E.T. blow bone.

perpetually bored – and this lead you here?

calvin & hobbes porn nude – You’re going to hellll, nya nya nya nyah nyah!

johnny deep – and yet, the appeal he holds for me is decidedly shallow

horny pilipie girls- Yup, yer a goner.

hot to shark – Oh, you want a little carnivore, big boy?

erotic steamboat – it might not revitalize your sex life, but it’ll do wonders for your pores.

penance for porn sin – Carpal tunnel syndrome, baby.

this girl scares the crap out of me – Thank you. Thank you very much.


13 thoughts on “9 months & search terms

  1. This was hilarious. Your comebacks are so funny, all of them, but I laughed especially hard over “ET blow bone” and the erotic steamboat line. Good ones!!

  2. barbara- lol, it’s my blog, my life would make a nun look wild in comparison. Blog dwarf sex is something Imtay and I are considering. Maybe on the side, as a widget.

    ybonesy- ty, I’m glad you laughted. I was proud of that E.T. one, heh. These nine months have flown by.

  3. It’s always fun this one and you get the best, it definitely says something about your amazing brain, are you talking in some strange code to these wierd cyberaliens? Maybe they are searching for you, Amuirin, maybe you are the chosen one to lead them out of the darkness of their search into the light of redemption in your perfect blog, I think so,

  4. Hmmm, blog dwarf sex…

    Grodigl burst through the door, dropping his cudgel and carbanthian guild. He spied his beloved, skinning a Ratoogly, as he felt the deep lust within him breathe and waken with a powerful groan. He knew her; she had strangled it herself. He slipped up behind her and let his hands roam down the tufts of brenginoogleweed and his fingers let him know, that beneath, she was wearing the wollenwarm, whiteclad fur of the russet froedrickspur. That meant one of 18 things, most of them good. He groaned deeply, as she pressed her back into him, her lips parted slightly, emitting her sweet, hungry, raddish breath. “Oh, CarmAhKoleDikafiGahidowahheyGanook,” he breathed, “you make the old blog dwarf so very happy.”

    Yeah, I need help.

  5. lol,

    imtay. You are too funny, truly. You put my attempts at humor to shame.

    Robin- ty, ty. Some of them are awesome (but some of them are scary!)

    Paul- I’ve long suspected as much, although my therapist, the old killjoy, says I should ignore those thoughts.

  6. Hardly. I can’t even approach the level of your humor on my most inspired days. In this case, I’m thinking that my brain has been going places that I don’t know about. But it seems to be leaving notes.

  7. I just came back to tell you i saw a post today explaining that this type of post, of your google hits is really effective at reinforcing traffic from that source, so you are even more likely to get these type of searchers back again, yayaya,

  8. As always, your commentary on the search terms is priceless. For some reason,this one really tickled me: batman you can call me bob – Dude, he’s batman. He can call you whatever he wants.

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