Words to shag by

This isn’t a redirect to some xxx site, no. But rather than write my own master-work or literary gem today, I’m going to send you weebs over to Tim Sandlin’s site.


Because he’s revealing what you ought to want to know: How to write real life, ass-slapping, body thumping sex scenes. Also, as a bonus, the true meaning of the word pundenda.

C’mon, you know you always secretely wondered. Go peek.

How to write sex scenes in literature


8 thoughts on “Words to shag by

  1. I enjoyed that daytrip, thanks :) ………..I actually like writing sex scenes, I think they can really bring a relationship to life in novels but it is tricky for sure……

  2. Well, Tim apparently has the credentials to back up his statements, so I guess the element of humor IS the cement that keeps a relationship together. I seem to recall a certain amount of snickering by my mate whenever I got naked… I’m sure it was because she was anticipating just how much fun we were going to have.

    Yea… that’s gotta be it.

  3. Robin- ty!

    Bob- lol, I’m sure that was it. I really like Tim Sandlin’s book, though his protagonists get in the darnedest situations.

    Tricky, definitely. I like writing them better than showing people. Used to write stories for an ex, which I always jokingly dubbed ‘smut-stuff’.

    barbara- lol, the tags are more of a joke, the elaborate ones don’t pull anyone in, really, but the general ones do, cus there’s lots of blogs that share them. A plain ol ‘sex’ tag will usually score 10-20 hits. Good eye.

    Paul- It probably helps their blood circulate better, anyway.

    Stevo- I think ‘shag’ is the australian term for holding the kleenex for someone when they blow their nose. At least, I think that’s it…

    LazyBuddhist- yeah, that was sad. Sex and death in the same post. Jung would have a field day.

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