stuff that penetrated my self absorption

Been awhile since I linked to other people’s bloggity endeavors. Maybe you’ve all been too impressive and gone and intimidated me. When you guys write consistently entertaining shit, I feel like I’m flogging rotting horse flesh with this show and tell schpiel; but it could also be that my level of self involvement has ascended into the stratosphere. Again.

The choices contained here aren’t ‘friend picks’ or exchanges for links; these are simply posts that pierced my self-cloud for a nano-second, Therefore they should reflect either a fine artistic sensibility, or content that would appeal to a mind wired like a 12 year-old boy’s. In the words of Captain Angsty-Brains, “Even Odds.”

Here’s a post I really liked about Richard Brautigan: Everything smelled of sheep.

Do you like Chet Baker? No? Well how about peacocks? Oh c’mon, you finicky little hasboro sausages, you must like something.

Aos will cure you. He’s a collector of ideas, art, film, concepts. He does the work of compiling all the most intriguing tidbits, so I can read his blog instead of two dozen others. (Check out the film clip at the end, it’s worth it.)

There’s a certain slant of light
on winter afternoons
that oppresses with the weight
of cathedral tunes…

I love that Emily Dickinson poem, but Robin has captured a certain slant of light that does the opposite of oppression. I am tired of looking at snow, truly, but when I saw the second photo down, it stopped me. Pretty amazing.

“I’m just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it?” Yeah, Joe Pesci speaking, he has a high minded literary critique of Don Quixote over at the gorillas. Grandmas might wanna turn their hearing aids down for this one.

For those that think poetry is sentimental, flowery language, an education in the impact of carefully chosen words.

Political Stickers! No, come back… you haven’t seen political stickers quite like these before. Besides, they promote the almost secret, but not quite Molo/Slothboy presidential ticket; top ranking candidates for those who’ve had it with sane-on-the-outside politicians.

Finally, this was just so cool to me, in great part because the author took the time and the energy to receive the story in the first place.

BTW: I don’t know what happened to my widgets. I don’t know why the formatting on this went cattywampus. Ok, I might have tried to do something with code. I think I broke it.

9 thoughts on “stuff that penetrated my self absorption

  1. I did it! I so totally effing rock. OK, so maybe I’m a little too proud of myself, but without really knowing what the hell I was doing, I managed to fix it. So, come on, give it up for Imtay; you know you want to.

    OK, I’m done. Maybe.

    I have to admit, though, I really like the word “cattywampus.”

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