Between the Lines


5 thoughts on “Between the Lines

  1. Interesting. I think Derek and Meredith’s entire relationship is between the lines because they never seem to be upfront with each other. At least not about the important stuff.

  2. You know, I declared myself done with GA when Derek kissed that other nurse. I’m so sick of their whole dance. It was intriguing as long as you could see how it helped each of them individually to evolve, but to have him turn to another woman was just too too soap opera for me. It worked out well that the writers strike came about the same time!
    Oh and, yes, he is so so easy on the eyes.

  3. You guys are right, he is a hottie, but I think her face is more remarkable, cus her eyes talk.

    But you know, I’ve never actually watched Gray’s Anatomy. I love this song, and it was the most compelling youtube video that went with it so I just threw it up there. :)

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