Half-a-hump day

Today seems to be a universally low energy kind of day. Even the political swipes seem lethargic and half-hearted. I’m feeling it kind of keenly… it’s bound to happen in Oregon when you give people sunlight and then take it away again. It’s a comfortable kind of slump though, not bad natured.

“Hello again, gray sky… it’s been awhile. Was there some sort of seraphim coup up there, or just a little reprieve for the overtaxed rainclouds? Anyway, welcome home. There’s some cats basking on the deck that should be fairly miserable to see you.”

So since Wednesday is hump day…

In an effort to cheer myself up enough to put some pants on, I thought I’d translate the low energy effects onto the sexual peak of the week.

(It didn’t work out very good though.)

(Mediocre sex isn’t that cheerful a prospect, and didn’t prove particularly energizing.)

It isn’t a terrible prospect, mind you. It’s just… with the accompanying mess and possible post-coital awkwardness, one has to weigh the merits of a lethargic hump against the merits of, say, a nice sandwich or a warm bath. It’s kind of a toss up. And while you can get diseases from certain kinds of sandwich, it’s very difficult to contract mono from a warm bath.


I don’t really care enough about half-a-hump day to even explore the pros and cons here. Apathy of this scope should be useful to governmental agencies. They could bottle it and keep a nice, placid citizenry in place. It would be like a nation of potheads without the burning urine smell. It could be like…

Oh, who cares.


7 thoughts on “Half-a-hump day

  1. Hmmm. I hear ya, sister. While I normally have strict rules against beginning a nap after 3 pm, I crawled into bed after work at 5:30 and slept until close to 10. I thought maybe I was sick. Nope. Just tired, bored and not inspired enough with life to even stay awake.

  2. My prescription for that sort of lethargy is a 16 ounce white chocolate mocha, (with raspberry whip cream if I can get it. Yes, I realize how gay that sounds but I don’t give a shit.) and some video games. Nothing like a shot of caffeine followed by a shot of adrenaline to get the wheels turning. Lately, Guitar Hero or Rock Band have been the games of choice because they also come with the ego boost of thousands of cheering fans.

  3. This reminds me of an episode on Northern Exposure where townspeople, in an effort to remedy the blahs due to lack of sunshine, donned these halo-like thingies that shined lights on their faces. At first they got giddy, like they were high, then they got really crazy, but in a funny way.

  4. Slothboy- the raspberry whipcream bit made me laugh. That does sound decadent, and the thousand cheering fans can’t hurt.

    Robin- Exactly, and come spring the lethargic hump seems way better, somehow.

    mad- I loved that show when it was on, Northern Exposure. Men in Trees just doesn’t fill the niche somehow.

    Lazy Buddhist- Things got a lot more interesting around 10pm around here, I hope they did there, too. Maybe the key to february is to adopt a nocturnal attitude.

    jo- why thank you, and your comments never fail to make me grin.

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