Status Check

I feel stupid.

Fortunately, that element has permeated every portion of my evening, so the consistency is a little comforting. There’s a certain courage that comes when you’ve been stupid in every which way, every aspect, a freedom of communication which leads to even more honesty, which as you might have learned by now is a pretty destructive mode of communication.

You don’t understand? Okay. Here’s an honest wreck talking to a shoe salesman.

“Can I help you with anything?”

“Not anymore. I might be able to start a new life now that I’ve reduced this one to a fetid pile of smoking ashes. I plan to stomp on it this afternoon for signs of animation, and if nothing shows up, I’m going to take a telephone pole to the planet Humplumper and impregnate a boreckni eel.”

“Well that sounds utterly barking mad.”

“I know. Yesterday, that might have bothered me. Today I just need some thick-soled galoshes.”


5 thoughts on “Status Check

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  2. jo- Yeah… ‘honesty is the best policy’, that’s gotta be one of the first lies most people are ever taught.

    barbara- It’s refreshing while it’s happening but the morning after is not unlike the hangover feeling where you’re trying to remember just exactly what you said, and to whom, and what the consequences might be.

    Robin- I’ll drink to that.

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