Jo’s Prize Package

All the rest of you have to close your eyes.

Miss Jo, in honor of your fabulous Oscar win, you have won the following fabulous prizes (valued at 2.5 paperclips)

1. You have been gifted the words ‘bunkum’ and ‘festoon’. You may start asserting your authority over the usage of these words and charging royalties beginning 8 am EST March 14, 2008.

2. Traffic will be directed to your blog free of charge for the duration of a Saturniid Moth’s life expectancy.

3. You have been given a deluxe copy of the animated short ‘Les Pingouins violent-ils?’ (Which was not an Oscar contender, but ought to have been.) You may access your copy at any time for all eternity, unless I delete my blog or Youtube cancels it.

Last but not least, I’m gifting you the fuzzy bummed warrior hottie ‘Eros’. He’s been my favorite for awhile, but it turns out I have other fuzzy warriors, so you can keep him. Don’t let him go to the zoo/church/a sorority by himself…. that can get expensive.




9 thoughts on “Jo’s Prize Package

  1. The penguin video was nothing like what I expected based on your rendition of its title.

    Voler (as in volent-ils?) = to fly
    Violer (as in violent-ils?) = to rape

    So “Les pingouins violent-ils?” = Do penguins rape?

    Can’t wait to see what search terms bring people to this post. :)

  2. Eek! penguin rape. the gift that keeps on giving.

    I’m torn. On the one hand, that’s somewhat odd and educational, and yet I feel morally obliged to change it on behalf of any sexually traumatized flightless birds that might come across this blog…

  3. Oh you do giving so well……..what fabulous and truly original prizes, I am overwhelmed, teary-eyed, I haven’t clicked play yet but you’ve made it all the more beguiling now :)

    As for Eros, what can I say, he reminds me a little of Poetman around the eyes and that hairy back, shiver, ooooooh how I love a hairy man, they’re just so bendover (behave)……..shame his waist is tinier than mine.

    Thank you, thank you a thousand times.

  4. yes, I was expecting something a little kinkier, especially after the panda porn…..but I am not at all disappointed, she says hastily, it was a very funny short and I’m gonna share it with my boys in the morning. Thanks for all of this, you really do crack me up.


  5. Now I wish I had picked the post earlier. I was pretty out of it that day, and didn’t realize I had missed the Oscars until the next morning. And I love to see the follies of all those celebrities stuffed into one place.

  6. barbara- I’ve always loved the sense of occasion of the Oscars. But there weren’t so many follies this year. Actually, other than Jon Stewart you didn’t miss much, in all honesty.

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