Many, many pages

I love them. I love how they look, how they smell. How my fingers glide along their smooth exteriors, my palm memorizing their planes and angles. I love how they fit differently in my hands, and how they will open up to me when I move my hand beneath their spine, revealing all their secrets in a breathless tumble; giving it all up to my avaricious eyes.

Books. Marvelous books.

I’ve been reading a bunch since Christmas, but haven’t fully incorporated the new reads into my biblio-paradigm yet, but I’d still like to be an attention hussy and direct any book loving peers to THIS PAGE where I’ve painstakingly collected a list of some favorites.

If you read any of the books there, on my suggestion, let me know so I can strut and act all insufferable for awhile. The weebles love that.


5 thoughts on “Many, many pages

  1. Excuse me while I add ‘attention hussy’ to my List of Lexicon Stolen For Future Use.

    Weeble #2368 (but soon to be #2367 if all goes according to plan)

  2. Oh, I love the 2300 series… Those were all designed after the new industry standards, and Verenbloom put his own stamp of approval on the new, realistic, facial contours. Yup, you are a very special weeble indeed.

  3. I’ll take a peek at your book page. I used to read a lot but poor eyesight has me listening to audio books. Not the same thing. Not the same accessibility of titles.

    With luck, I’ll get new contacts and glasses and be on my way to reading one day this year. No insurance sucks.

  4. I love reading, love it, life would be so unutterably drear without other people’s words (and I’m including you in that :) )

    When I finish a book I’ve really enjoyed I hold it for a while in my hands, sort of imprinting its energy in me……..

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