almost forgot

8 month anniversary!

(of the blog) You might wonder, why? why keep track of the months? It’s more of a personal marker. I like to go back and be able to see how this thing grew, and it’s fun to look at the numbers… even if they don’t mean anything.

Blog Stats

Total Views: 37,506
Best Day Ever: 969
Views today: 299 (before change in stats at 4pm)/96 (4-11:49pm)

Posts: 272
Comments: 2,544
Categories: 208


9 thoughts on “almost forgot

  1. S–weet! And to think you were considering giving all this up? Come on… admit it– this beats the hell out of being a tour guide at Universal Studios.

    Well, marginally…

  2. Dang! Nice stats! I wont even tell you my meager totals :-) But then, I could never begin to write as well as you and my place was designed originally just to keep out of town friends in touch. Someday perhaps I will have the time to muse in earnest. Until then, I enjoy writing like yours and file it away for inspiration.

  3. Happy anniversary! Wow. I love your stats. My highest day this month was 85 (Wolf Point Meteor) and next highest was 72 (last Friday for my 13 Drinks thingy). My normal page views are in the 20 something range.

    I can only aspire to get your numbers!

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