If Cupid had a blaster…

Here’s my Valentine greetings for the lot of you, ripped off proudly from ‘something awful.com’. Have you kissed a wookie today?





Happy Love Day!



9 thoughts on “If Cupid had a blaster…

  1. Meant to mention this before —

    Did you know Something Awful is indirectly responsible for the Lolcats? The Lolcats people started with the Happy Cat which got its start on Something Awful.

    Sad, but true.

  2. Now you see I’m giving my age away now, but he was my teenage fantasy (harrison not DV)…….love the tonight I won’t shoot first. Both my boys just came in teh room and are shrieking about Han Solo and cybermen……the second generation!

  3. Robin- Noooooooooo! (in the words of Darth) They’re responsible? THEY’RE RESPONSIBLE for the horror that is lolcats?

    It just figures.

    Jo- Hey, I hear you, Luke would have been my first love if that esteemed honor didn’t go first to Mighty Mouse. I kinda feel sorry for the younger generations, though. The prequel’s weren’t anywhere near as awesome as the original star wars trilogy. The cast had real chemistry, it was the connection between the ensemble that made it fly. Lucas brought those people together, and never figured out what it was that made his movies so successful. He still thinks it’s the special effects. Dumb lucas.

    Corina- Hope yours was a great one!

    anhinga- Yeah, eventually I”ll hafta post the whole picture. That was the coolest cupid I found (in the header, I mean)

    lillipilli- :)

    Bob- would you be rich?

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