What we know…

Regarding the Wolf Point Meteor impact in Montana, is that there is a lot of confusion and discrepancy in the reports. It’s gotten hazy over Oregon skies, and apparently the impact is larger and more damaging than earlier reports seemed to indicate. It sounds like the meteor (if it was a meteor) is larger than they estimated. Power has been so disrupted across the middle states that it’s almost like the East and the West are cut off from eachother. Flights over the ‘blackout’ area have been cancelled, people can’t communicate with their loved ones, and the news just isn’t providing the information that people need.

I’ve gotten more info from blogs than from A.P. or Reuters. Here’s some reactions to the fall out from Wolf Point.

Corina, who was traveling when the meteor hit wrote, “I tried to get information on my flights for tomorrow because we’re supposed to be leaving in the mid afternoon. However, the airlines have canceled all further flights for the next couple of days. They’re not sure what the situation is with fireballs in the atmosphere so they’ve grounded their planes until there is firm scientific evidence that their aircraft won’t be hit by a stray fireball. So how do I get home? What am I supposed to do?”

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Over at Beda Kentarjian, anhinga got a first hand account from a resident in North Dakota. “I got a call from a friend in North Dakota this morning (I’m a late sleeper and she woke me) saying a huge meteor had landed in Wolf Point, Montana. She heard at least 7,000 were killed. Fires are spreading from the rocks falling miles outward. She is scared to death and is packing to get out of town. The skies are darkened there.”

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As far as China and London people are hearing about the impact but can’t get information. Stevo at Inane Ramblings expresses his frustration from China.

“There’s nothing on the television here. All the Chinese stations are business as usual, no emergency updates, no, “We interrupt this program….”

“My family is in Canada, I don’t know how this effects them. I can’t seem to get them on the phone. I’ll keep trolling the net until I find some answers.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here in Oregon there’s a lot of tension and uncertainty. David Rochester had an eloquent take on what seems like life and death in these moments while we wait for information:

“Some legends of King Arthur say that Excalibur was forged from “sky-dropped metal” — meaning that it was mined from a meteor. The sword was particularly sacred to the Druids because the Goddess Earth had not been raped in order to create it. We seem so far from these quaint tales … too far to see anything good in the random fall of destruction from the sky.

Two thousand years from now, I wonder what people will make of the Wolf Point site. Perhaps some miracle will arise, legendary as King Arthur is to us now.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And finally, most intriguing and frightening to me, Sloth and Molo have started to piece together the disaster from incoming information, and it doesn’t add up. Or it does.. but it adds up to something too ugly and horrible to believe possible of our own country.

Molo: “…I’m not a big conspiracy theorist or anything, I gave that up long ago.
But this sounds a lot like a mass driver impact point. Who knows? That’d give us a little more reason to feel something. Some kind of government test, an experiment gone wrong; we’d wring our hands and bitch and moan, but at least then I could do something, right?”

Slothboy: “I’m not usually one to subscribe to conspiracy theories… but there is way too much weirdness with this. Think about it, if you have a new weapon of this scale that you need to test, where else are you going to aim it? You can’t test the environmental damage by firing it at the ocean (or they did that already) and you certainly can’t aim it at a foreign nation because that would be an act of war if discovered. Instead, you aim it at the middle of nowhere in your own country so you can gauge the damage first hand.

Maybe I’m off base here, but 2 and 2 are adding up to 5 and that means that something critical is missing.”


4 thoughts on “What we know…

  1. Dark fell early along Lake Erie.

    It seems Montana isn’t as far away as it previously seemed, particularly with the weather patterns sweeping hell toward the east.

    It is intense, and, for a moment, I looked west to see a rich, crimson sunset as the sky glowed in brushstrokes of gold and scarlet, brushstrokes so wide you have to turn your head to view their width. If I hadn’t seen the news, heard the rumors and sirens and seen the panic, it would have been sublimely beautiful. But I knew.

    And it was only 4PM. The dust had already swept close enough in the horizon for the late afternoon sun to become obscured by what was once much of Montana, now part of the lower atmosphere.

    Now, people are huddled as the power grid flickers. They’ve called out the National Guard to protect the stores where people are fighting over generators, water and food. Nightfall was filled with sirens, even in the country.

    But I’m ok. Which seems an incredibly selfish thing to say. But I am. For now.

    I have a Beagle guarding an old, dilapidated generator. I put one of those voice changers on his collar so that, if he barks, he sounds like a much, much larger dog. I think his initial surprise has now given way to an added swagger.

    And while there was no water at the stores, nor much of anything else, there was non-alcoholic beer. Even in times of dire crisis, people don’t buy that stuff. But it is mostly water. Kind of disgusting, fermented water that won’t even make you feel slightly buzzed, but it is water.

    And I have a case of Funions. No one seems to loot Funions, either.

    So, for now, huddled with a laptop, a dog with an artificially deep bark, a rumbling, groaning generator and horrid-tasting emergency provisions, I’m here, sending a message out, awaiting Montana to pour down from the sky.

  2. My husbands sister is in the Bay area too. I can’t get a call through.

    There has been nothing about it on the news here … nothing. I heard something on the news earlier this week about an out of control satellite. Could this be related?

  3. imtay- I kinda wanted to see what you were describing. I kind of *could* see what you were describing. The beagle bit made me laugh. Funions are nasty. They might actually make you sicker than no provisions at all!

    Shawn= I heard about that too. It was eerie, I saw that on the news a couple days after I first came up with this idea.

    Sometimes I think the universe is conspiring to advance my God complex. *nods*

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