Isn’t it fun when…

…you’re so buried in your own iTunes you don’t listen to the radio at all, and then you discover this awesome song, and you think you’ve made an incredible discovery, and you send it to your friends, and then find out everyone’s been listening to that song on the radio for like, three months?

Yeah. That’s fun.

Edit: K, if you love me enough to watch my song, then go HERE, and read the Barack Obama story. If you have extra time, go ahead and read the bunny bit, too.

Now, aren’t you glad you did?


10 thoughts on “Isn’t it fun when…

  1. Cool song, a little bit Ami Mann, though more upbeat, for sure. And the Obama story was funny… parents always told me to be suspicious of people who shake hands like wet fish.

  2. Hadn’t heard it either…does this mean your blog readers (or bleaders) are all living under rocks? But then again, much of the good music seems to be in hiding too.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe no one has heard that song from here. That’s kinda amazing. I know bibliomom has.

    aos- Something like that. (bleaders… lol, sort of an unfortunate compression. I call ’em weebles. You too. You’re not a bleader, you’re a weeble.)

  4. I never listen to the radio, either. I listen to iTunes. The way I get new music, or at least new to me, is when the girls are in the car and they hook up their iPods. They have a lot of music that is new to me, and totally different from what I listen to. Then I have to pick out the ones I like and go download them and add them to my iPod!

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