Is it True? It could be. But no…

Wolf Point Meteor was a fictional situation I created that some of us decided to react to as a group. Kind of a blog experiment and an exploration, a chance to stretch the creative boundaries.

It was a little challenging to keep it up for a whole day, to stay in character. Tomorrow, all hell breaks loose of course… zombies and the 2nd coming of Christ, but for tonight, if you’re wondering:

No… no, it isn’t true. Not today, anyway.

Not today.


8 thoughts on “Is it True? It could be. But no…

  1. you mean its OK to come out now…to not be afraid…too take off my hard hat…great, but what will I tell chicken little, cuz she is beside herself with worry…Thanks for the poetic conspiracy…Peace

  2. Sorry I couldn’t play along. I kinda thought of something late last night and was gonna follow the idea of a government conspiracy. I was kind of in and out of sleep as I thought of it and i think it meshed into a dream a little bit.

    Nice picture from Robin.


  3. AArgh. I could stay real cool and say I knew all along because I mean… come on! Something like that and NO news coverage? None at all??? But no. I’m the gulliblelest of the gullibles aka a total dork. Sheesh. I just never think of making stuff up and it always shocks me when others do, just for the heck of it. Hmph.

  4. 1poet4man- yep, you’ve got the all clear… thanks for being in the chorus. :)

    TIV- I just hope you each spend your $7.43 on something that betters humanity…

    jules- I’ll tell you a secret if you don’t tell anyone, k? My stomach was in knots all day. It was kinda freaky. I’ve always thought I’d jump at the chance to make shit up. I still probably would if it were a hit and run kinda thing, but doing it in front of people I kinda ‘know’ who I’ll see the next day and the next… It takes huevos, really. I wasn’t surprised that a number of people backed out at the last minute.

    LazyBuddhist- srry, i tried to get a mail to you a.s.a.p – I was in the middle of composing the explanation post right when you stopped by, too.

    ybonesy- Robin’s photos are awesome. She pointed out to me though, and Slothboy was the one who caught it: Montana in February, especially in that desert area- it wouldn’t be green. But I thought it was too cool a pic not to use.

    Stevo- Zombies, perhaps? No, you spearhead the next one. I bet you have some great ideas.

    Smiler- lol, see I thought you were playin’ along. I’m almost sure you were in the original group that I mailed the brainstorm too. Maybe it went to your bulk mail- so I thought you were just adding texture with the comments.

    I’m glad we were that realistic, though.

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