Big Boom

Listening to the news, but I don’t really believe it. It’s like that movie, armageddon.

Is anyone else hearing this?

7,000 just GONE. An ‘estimated 7,000 people’. They keep showing that satellite picture again and again, and it looks like a movie with the impact and explosion, so I don’t really believe it.

Meteor hits. Thousands dead. Just ended.

I don’t even understand how people can continue to live when it’s that random. They’re talking about the impact and comparing it to the bombs dropped in Hiroshima, and it seems like exactly the same thing (but different).

All these people just evaporated with no say, and it made no difference what their plans or ambitions or how they lead their life. I keep checking on Sierra.

I swear I felt something- not to get all Star Wars and shit cus the nutbars are soon enough going to be talking about judgment day, but it wasn’t the impact (from that far away? naw) it was like an uneasiness. a ‘disturbance in the force’… yeah, go ahead laugh, but at the moment it doesn’t really seem to matter how stupid what I say sounds. 7,000 people were dead like in a millisecond.

I guess when life is that random it’s best to express yourself when you have the chance. I’m gonna go call someone I love.


10 thoughts on “Big Boom

  1. ah a life pursuing certainties leaves one a target for the random impact of a meteor…and we are all so surprised when it falls…I mean shouldn’t there have been a team of experts studying the matter and a proper news media to report about it, and a well thought out pre impact evacuation plan to execute…? I like your idea…In a life of randomness its best to call and reach out to your friends daily…thank you…now where is my cell phone.

  2. I guess no amount of planning…

    I don’t even want to go anywhere or do anything, but I know it’s useless to sit still and hear them repeat the same things over and over on the news. I just want to keep my daughter at home today, spend time with her.

  3. Amuirin, at least you have the choice to go out. On the east coast, things are pretty much not working. No flights out. I can’t get home! Cell signals are sketchy at best. The TV signal in the hotel comes and goes. The front desk staff is trying to keep everyone calm but I can tell they’re really frazzled. I’m trying to get my news online but the connection is not solid. It comes and goes.

  4. varasca- I guess the news hasn’t hit Italy yet… I’m still trying to piece together details from the local stuff. Basically… big huge boom, United States.

    Corina- I didn’t think about flights; that must be a very scary situation being away from home when this is going down. As far as news… I don’t think anyone has a full picture. Even though our local news networks are up, there’s a lot of speculation and differences in the outgoing information. I don’t think anyone close enough to the impact to report on it has any way to do so.

    It’s crazy. Hope you’re doin’ okay over there.

  5. Good grief, I just turned on the news after day running round doing kidstuff and I am gobsmacked, this is just awful……I came over to check on you and others I know. How terrifying, one minute life as normal with all the bitching and whining and then what could happen…..

  6. jo- I know, I wouldn’t let Si go to school cus it shook me up so bad. I hope it doesn’t cast a pall over your family celebrations, there.

    jaynova- I don’t know, it’s been really inconsistent with local broadcasts, too. I’m getting ore information from blogs in the east than anything. Molo is speculating it might be government related, I wonder if they are trying to contain it on the networks. It sounds like a much bigger deal then they were reporting earlier.

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