Superbowl ideas: Morbid but Fun

Superbowl Sunday! That’s right, the biggest day on the map for football aficionados. Patriots versus Giants… yeeeeee


I don’t give a flying fuck about football, but if you’d like to shoot the shit with some guys’ guys during the big game, stop by the Gorillas this afternoon and tune in. They’ll be broadcasting… and drinking… and drinking… and broadcasting.

You know that’s gonna be a happy combo.

Speaking of drinking (cus it’s an alternative to talking about football), this is one of the biggest drinking/driving days of the year. So if you’re going somewhere, don’t. If you’re going anyway, be super careful. And if you do crash in a car wreck, come back and tell me what happens after we die.

I’ve been curious.


17 thoughts on “Superbowl ideas: Morbid but Fun

  1. I’ll be home, watching The Hours. I guess the guys around here will be watching the game, although they don’t seem too thrilled since they don’t care to cheer on either team.

    Maybe this will be one year that they watch it for the commercials.

    I might do some drinking (at the very least some wine with the vegetarian jambalaya I’m making). No blogging for me if I do drink. I’ve learned the hard way that’s a very bad idea.

    And definitely no driving. However, if I should die some other way, I’ll be sure to come back and let you know what I find out about death, the universe and everything.

  2. I’ll be watching the game, of course (why lie? It’d do an injustice to my Neanderthal heritage), but my heart isn’t in it. The hype, along withSpygate and all its smarmy unsaid underpinnings, has sucked all the joy from the event. Now, I just want the Giants (whom I loathe as an organization) to beat the Patriots and destroy their perfect season. Maybe the commercials will be good this year.

  3. I think i might go to my favorite pub to watch the game. They have a little 21″ flat screen the owners said would be showing the game but on Sunday nights it’s more about open mic night. The game will be on for white noise.

    Hopefully Amuirin didn’t put the kaybosh on me and I don’t get in a wreck. Was in one last week… don’t need it again.

  4. Hi, Ron… I guess I phrased that poorly. I respect the Giants as an organization, in fact, Wellington Meara was one of the better owners in the NFL. I just resent the media coverage they get simply because they’re in New York. I guess you have no way of knowing that my email name is broncobob, so that might explain it, as well. I really admire some of the things this particular team has overcome to get to The Big Dance. I’m very impressed with the way Little Brother has matured over the course of the season. So, I guess ‘loathe’ wasn’t the correct word. It’s half-time and the Giants are hanging close. If they can hold onto the football, I’m smelling upset.

  5. A, thanks for the link and for stopping by. Don’t quite know why, but we were all in a major funk tonight. We were really off. I think the whole thing sucked donkey dick. Sorry for wasting your time.


  6. D.-

    Aw, yer being a little too hard on yourself. I’ve been there, it’s hard to keep up the energy and responsiveness for a whole hour and a half. The only part that really annoyed me was the caller, for some reason, and I suggested they call, so can’t really complain. And it was nice to hear your voice again.

    Don’t worry, you’ll have better nights.

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  8. hi Amuirin… yep, I was in a three-car accident about a week and a half ago. The 25th. Really weird set of events. The guy who rear-ended the lady who hit me had caused two other accidents about 15 minutes before he hit us.

    Can you believe it?… three accidents in about a 15 minute time frame. His insurance company says he had a bad reaction to meds his doc gave him. He was completely out of it. Didn’t really remember much the next day.

    No one was hurt in my accident but I know in the second one someone was taken away in an ambulance. I’m ok. Not even any bruising anywhere.

  9. What a strange accident! Glad you are okay, Jules.

    I thought this was the best Super Bowl game ever. They are usualy letdowns. It was a letdown that my Colts weren’t in it, but our quarterback’s little brother Eli was in for the Giants and gave us a spectular ending. You would not have known none of us at the party had a dawg in that fight. We were screaming our heads off. I’m from Texas; football is in my blood. :-)

  10. Yeah, that’s bizarre. You’d think after the second accident someone would get the guy off the road, or test his reflexes or something. Geeze.

    anhinga- Jules is in Texas, too. Eli is a cool name.

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