Missing, as I did, my Italian

One day I was surfing blogs.

I don’t know why I do this. I have more than enough to read on my list, and I love my list and don’t need to go looking elsewhere for more list to read. But it’s a compulsion a bit like someone who lost a sibling long ago and thinks… ‘Maybe today I will find him.’

In my search, I saw a blog that was written in Italian. I was missing someone who was teaching me words in Italian. The funny part: The person teaching me was not fluent, and his Italian was grammatically scandalous; but I never let on that I knew it was mostly googled and probably worse than mine, because I loved the sound of him saying the words.

(this is quite the tangential blog post, isn’t it?)

At any rate, the blog I found was in real Italian, and looked to me like Greek or Martian would look. From a sense of sentimentality, or perhaps an appreciation of the artistic layout of the page, I went to babel fish and translated it to read.

What came up was an amalgam of Italian and English that was actually rather beautiful. The words, the half-meanings hinted at a bigger picture. Understanding only part, I had to draw my ideas from the puzzle pieces I could see.

There was a poetry to it.

And so I share… this is varasca, and an entry I found kind of magical between the spaces. I believe it’s about a pet turtle, but also much more.

l’entomologa January 28, 2008

pèa, the turtle d’acqua, has a passion, not particularly shared neither tantomeno approved of from the rest of the family, for l’entomologia. in its Aquarius raises in fact one colony of little animals from company of the species Drosophila Melanogaster: worse than one dumb than beagle!

we do not know well if it holds to them for pure and simple company (that it consists phrenetic in the volteggiarle over to the head, that is under to the lamp merendina), if holds to them in order to spy on of l’interessante riproduttivo cycle or if it is a its way in order to bring annoyance to us and to perhaps communicate a its dissatisfaction to us.

fact is that its amichetti do not give ’sto great annoyance then; here, they even force to think next to the philosophies orients them, to the reincarnation, the fugacità of the life, the tenacity of the life. in particular when one of we decides of appaudire vigorous in their aerial space, or during the supper, between one forchettata and l’altra, it supports the polpastrello on a dot that moves on the table, and then tatuato on the polpastrello. and one does not move more.

for a po’ it even leaves to lose, but then regularly, passed a sure period, pèa it recommences: I do not know like, but lathes to house and are here, she and its crobatic patrol from apartment, to redesign nell’aria – of new – the outline of a life.


6 thoughts on “Missing, as I did, my Italian

  1. “for a po’ it even leaves to lose”… how many times have I said that myself?? I think it was the last time I took a crobatic patrol.

    But, seriously, folks…

    Actually, I enjoyed this. Entomology is not my stock in trade, obviously, but I’ve always loved “to spy on of l’interessante riproduttivo cycle” of animals that are “worse than one dumb than beagle”!

    LOL I gotta stop this… I think I’m gonna hemorrhage.

  2. hey amuirin, thank you, it’s SO funny! actually i had been wondering what kind of things babel fish did with my messed-up words.. and it’s crazy! :-))
    i do believe you when you say that you have to guess a little bit…hahahaaa

    and it surprises me, but i’m kind of really happy you guys find poetry down there.
    so, i doubt you will, but please ask, if there’s anything you’d like to understand better.

    see ya, gotta go spy some dumb crobats fucking in the aquarium :-)))

  3. Beautiful, a found poem, rolls and turns in on itself, sounds like a kind of joy,
    My blog got translated into German by someone which was interesting to read but not nearly as nice sounding as this.

  4. Maybe it’s not about a turtle at all. Perhaps it’s about the people of the turtle or the turtle nebula (if such a thing exists) or some secret plot to have the turtles rule the land. Mind you, they’d probably do a better job of it than we do.

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