A few public announcements from Reinhold Weege

Isn’t that a great name? If any of you remember that show ‘Night Court’ that used to be on television, you might remember there was a smarmy guy on it who went by Dan, played by John Larroquette. Well, on one episode it was revealed that Dan’s real name was ‘Reinhold Weege’… and of course they made fun of him mercilessly for it.

My brother and I loved this name so much. We were wordy little bastards, and we latched on with the glee of phenomic fervor. “Reinhold Weeeeeeege. ReinHOLD Weeeeeeeeeeege!”

This must have been an inside joke on the show, cus it turns out the creator of Night Court is none other than… Reinhold Weege. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Now for the public announcements bit:

I never got the chance to endorse John Edwards on my blog, because I was busy doing other stuff, and now he’s about to drop out, publically, in an hour. I’m bummed.

In this year of the minority candidate, I found myself leaning toward ‘the white guy’ based on content of character stuff. I wish his background and vision would have surfaced in one of the fore-runners, because after reading and looking closely at the three leading candidates, I came to the conclusion that he was the one I wanted. So it kinda sucks that the rest of the nation won’t get to weigh in on Edwards. My reasoning is, it’s still early, and if either one of the front runners detonates Howard Dean style, Edwards was so in the game.

But there’s those damn ‘real life’ considerations, such as money and energy to take into account. Not to mention the harrowing battle his wife must fight against cancer once again. I understand his decision, but it’s a bummer.

Secondly, Rate-a-hottie is going on permanent hiatus. There was enthusiasm for the idea, but it really started out as a joke when I told someone online that I posted his pic on the internet and he was rated ‘highly doable’. (I wouldn’t actually do that without permission, ever) He actually liked the idea, so it became a reality… but it’s not really my style of writing, and it smacks of the sort of superficial flesh marketing that I prefer to take a high and mighty stance toward and thumb my nose at. That’s hard to do when the degree of my hypocrisy is on exhibit on the same page (just scroll down).

Additionally, I thought a lot of the ratings were hella picky, and even though the participants didn’t mind I thought it seemed a bit harsh. I wouldn’t have suspected, but there seems to be a hottie backlash in the works, sociologically. I shudder to think what an average, balding, paunchy guy would have been rated, considering how they panned the hotties; but maybe the complex feminine mind goes for unpredictability. Maybe there would have been a predictably unpredictable upswing in the ratings. I don’t know.

Last but not least, those who were asked to participate in the sociological blog experiment, there were some ‘adjustments’ made, and feedback and all this stuff. It got a little convoluted, but it’s still on for those that want to take part. The details will go out today and it’s gonna be a meteor, not a pandemic, because an uber-virus is just too fucking real.

Big smash. Room for reaction. Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple.

And that’s all, I guess. My left pinky toe itches, but I have the oddest idea that you probably don’t give a crap about that. Happy hump day.

19 thoughts on “A few public announcements from Reinhold Weege

  1. I knew I forgot to do something. (Making a mental note to answer email.)

    I’m not sure the raters were any more hella picky than a lot of guys would be under similar circumstances. In fact, we were probably much nicer.

    But yeah, picky.

  2. I donno. I think men are more visual, so they probably would have rated more based on looks where as women took everything into account- age, hobbies, politics, etc. Not sure.

  3. Oh, we’re definitely visual. Guilty as charged, your honor. Had the subject been of the feminine gender, I have no doubt you’d have received many responses, some of which you may not have needed to delete and a few of which may even contained words with more than one syllable.

    Regarding John Edwards… I happen to be of the middle-aged, Midwestern white male Democrat ilk and my biggest problem with John Edwards has more to do with his electibility than his politics. Realizing that my particular demographic is going the way of the dinosaur, I’m inclined to back whichever Democratic candidate who is capable of convincing enough ethnic/educated/women/young voter blocs that her/his candidacy can win. With the political and social polarity being exhibited in the US right now, there aren’t a large-enough number of Republican/Democrat crossover votes to be a major consideration. I simply didn’t think Senator Edwards had the kind of charisma, voice and clout with young voters to get elected. Now, all we have to do is make sure that they get to the polls…

  4. (hanging head in shame……..though I didn’t pan anyone, er well I hope I didn’t) I did think all the while that I was exhibiting horrible double standards……

    Actually I thought it better that they weren’t dismissed based on looks but for age/politics………it’s not like they can help those things…….well not really. I wouldn’t care if someone told me I was too young (if only) or too liberal for them. But yes, we were picky (slinking off).

  5. There was an old NY newspaper photog named Arthur Fellig. He used to show up at murder scenes even before the cops did sometimes. A cop told him once, You must have a Ouija board you get here so fast. Fellig liked the name but he didn’t know how to spell it. From then on he became known simply as Weegee.

  6. Jo- get back here!

    I didn’t mean anyone personally, I just meant in general, I felt the total commentary or whatever seemed a little harsh. You were the one concerned that Mike was reading the comments, so stop, you’re a tender-hearted rater. And I guess I am too… knowing both of the guys personally I kinda worried about some of the comments.

    Bob- yep, electability was the trouble I guess. I found him charismatic, but I guess a lot of people didn’t… Edwards. You’re right, too, about if the subject had been female. It might have been more appreciative visually, but there was just as much chance it would have turned crude. All in all probably a good time to let the idea fade.

    Mad- That’s an interesting tidbit, where do you get these things? Weeeeegee. Almost as fun to say.

    Ron- we are not. *throws a dart at your head, playfully*

  7. Itchy toe! Oh no. Was it a mosquito? I often wonder why mosquitoes were invented they seem to serve no earthly purpose but to annoy. I have some antiitching lotion here somewhere. Poor thing, (are you going to write another beautiful poem soon like the going to bed after poker poem?)

  8. I feel your pain, I have been rooting for Giuliani for quite a while. It was the first time I was actually excited about a candidate, but he put all his eggs in one basket and it didn’t work out. Now I’m back to picking the candidate that I dislike the least. whoopie.

    Too bad about the rate a hottie. And I was just getting ready to submit photos of me at my “Rich Bodybuilders Who Are Too Sensitive” support group. Que sera sera.

  9. i hate that Edwards bowed at as well. :(

    and on the hottie awards…. i’m proud to say that I delivered a very unharsh, based completely on visuals rating of 4.5

    :| [Deist pauses and thinks a minute] blink…. blink… blink.

    but I’m not gay.

  10. A, good call on the stoppage of the female eye candy. Coming here was beginning to feel like opening one of those fake jars of peanuts…

    Don’t feel to bad about Edwards. I heard his campaign is doing very well in the “other” America.

  11. Edwards – yes, a sad move. I vote because that’s part of who I am, but who am I going to choose this time. Groannn! As for the hotties, I didn’t realize i had inched over to the right (about a mm actually), but the marketing was a bit weird. Each to his own, but I hate judging people I don’t know. I even hate judging people I do know. Unless they’re trying to run my country. Then I judge, judge, judge!

  12. I don’t know if I was going to vote for Edwards or not…I’ve been leaning Clinton (I know, hate me now!)…but I loved his attention to poverty, and I hope that Clinton and Obama pick up on that message and don’t sell out completely to corporate America. Ha! Oh, I crack myself up.

  13. Ron,

    As the horse is dead, I don’t intend to flog it in any vigorous manner, but no, I’m not of the NY people… closest I’ve ever been even to visit is Alabama. What I liked about him was the fact that of all the candidates he had the best track record as far as accomplishing real work during his tenure as Mayor. I also felt he was a much more moderate candidate which I am also in favor of. He seemed like somebody both parties could get behind if he was in fact elected.

    Now all the candidates on both sides are pretty polarized. What this means for us is another four years of bumper stickers and bitching, no matter who wins.

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