Girl’s Night: Hottie #2

Okay, let’s reiterate… you asked that ‘Rate a hottie’ be made a weekly feature, and you requested somebody a little more seasoned this time. Therefore I, Amuirin, an utter slave to the whims of my weebles, managed to get one of the cutest guys in his late forties I’ve ever seen to be our eye candy this week. Imagine the kind of cajones it takes to stand up to this bunch and their merciless scrutiny… wow.

This is D., and I’d ask you to be kind but I’m confident he can handle himself just fine.


D. is a southern gentleman, a professor and a pilot. His hobbies are motocross and cooking. He leans conservative and more… he is looking for love.


Here’s the rating system, and here’s how to contact D. and say hello if you are single, good natured and over the age of consent:

5 stars: I’d do him on a boat, I’d do him on a float; I’d do him in the rain, I’d do him on a plane….

4 stars: Professor, I’d love to be your teacher’s pet.

3 stars: He seems intriguing. I’d have to hear the accent.

2 stars: He’s a good lookin’ Rebel, but I’m holding out for a Yankee.

1 star: He’s not my Rhett Butler. More like an Ashley.

(Anyone can rate- married, single or bi-special. So feel free to leave your stars.)


22 thoughts on “Girl’s Night: Hottie #2

  1. Oh I love to play! I say 3. He’s definite 4.5 in the eye candy department but I’m not sure that my liberal yankiness and his conservative leaning southerness would mesh well.

    Great one Am! I wasn’t even going to read blogs tonight but when this popped up in my reader I had to check it out. Now I’m going to go and read.

  2. Cute enough until I got to the conservative part, and I’ve never had much luck with southerners. I’ll have to say 2.

    My single sister-in-law, on the other hand, might be interested. I should send her over here for a look-see. :)

  3. hey That’s pretty much exactly what I’d say if I were rating.

    GG- I’ll just hafta bribe you.

    tpgoddess- hi. welcome. 1 star huh.. tough crowd!

    Ron- that gimpy old guy? Never. He reminds me of someone. Not exactly Mr. Rogers…like a cross between Mr Rogers and that guy from the Andy Griffith show. The goofy one.

    gingaTao- aw these aren’t meant to make our favorite manly blog men jealous. Just a little fun now and then for hard working females. You know you have all sorts of adoration of your own over in the chinese puxxle box.

    jo- I hear you. I feel the same, but tend to end up in relationships with conservatives somehow. Opposites attract?

    Robin- Send her over! D. is a nice guy, I can vouch for that. And pretty laid back.

  4. Truth be know, I have never registered to vote in my life. I grew up in the 60’s/70’s and saw Watergate/Nixon/Big Business being exposed for it’s wrongdoing, so I chose not to patronize the machine. I am an 8th generation born american on both of my parents side, so my family was here before we were a nation or a state. I was schooled by the Jesuits (I’m not catholic though) so I label myself a conservative-radical if there is such an animal. I have a masters in Industrial/organizational psychology, yet minored in english. Shakespeare’s the man.

  5. This is quite the entertaining idea, Amuirin … my buddy Mark over at KOTGD does this with random celebrities, but it’s a stroke of mildly-cruel genius to do it with, like, a real person.

    Does this fellow live in Oregon? If so, keep him down in your part of the state. I have enough competition as it is.

  6. :(

    he agreed to it. you think it’s cruel? both of the dudes who did it both wanted to. It’s weird to read this comment, I just wrote my latest post ‘public announcements from Reinhold Weege’ and read your comment after I wrote that.

  7. You see I just discovered that he’s into Shakespeare and isn’t that conservative at all, so that shoots him up to a 4 (well if I wasn’t already taken, that is). And I don’t think this was cruel at all, not at all.

  8. It’s not cruel, I don’t think. But the men who are willing to be hotties will need to understand that the ratings will be all over the map. Hopefully they can handle that.

    As for the Southern gent, I’d have to go with a 2 for philosophical reasons. Glad you included a bit about his leanings.

  9. Eeks! Politics zero. Professor and Pilot five. Looks: a bit too full of himself in the come hither boat pic but very cute and physically appealing. Now being an old married lady, I have a beautiful, brilliant young patient who would be perfect for him. Ah, but they will never meet. Life sucks!

  10. I have to agree with TIV on the politics / professor-pilot contrast. He is a good-looking guy, though. And late forties? He is clearly good at upkeep. :)

    Rating? Hmmm. I’m afraid the teacher’s pet comment had me… he gets a 4, despite his politics.

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