Cowardly Lion Meditation

Barely a brush over a button, and sound comes washing over. Kind of a magic, but it’s a big, black box; it might as well be a door into a slightly unsavory world, it takes such discipline, such generosity to press that button.

I’m feeling a shortage on both, but then again… sometimes the mind tunes out. It isn’t a failure, or anything really. Committee time. As years pass it’s a little more time I need to commune with lights and shadow playing, to turn people’s words over in my head and let them live there a little while, outside the distracting interaction of two or more of us.

This doesn’t mean that Walden Pond is my legacy, or I’ve arrived at Dickinson’s door. It doesn’t mean a history of hermits have personally donated to the construction of my soul, just. I don’t know… There’s different ways that emotions evolve us. When you’ve spent time angry, sometimes you spend time alone after that; so you can gentle back to people again. See them as friends on their own baffling journeys, discern between the ones who weren’t there and the ones who stood by.

Anger has its purpose too. And so does the ability to be alone. To dare to dream without a guidepost, a navigator. To dare to imagine the world is all within reach of your fingertips, to envision a fate beyond everything you know.

There’s a balance; between holding on and letting go, there’s a balance. Between solitude and company kept too long, between patterns and wide open spaces; there’s a balance.

And when the sun shines, I see it. When I get up there and try, I see it. You really can do amazing things, if you just acknowlege: This could be hard. This could be really, really hard. But I’m stronger than the obstacles, and I have more bench strength than my fears. Anything’s possible. I just have to give destiny the use of my two hands, & sometimes be okay not knowing the answers.

Participate in the angles of this strange story unwinding.


9 thoughts on “Cowardly Lion Meditation

  1. I don’t know how you do it, Amuirin. The way you put things together… you are astoundingly, profoundly creative.

    I enjoyed all of the music/videos, but the first was my favorite. I wanted to join in and dance with them at the end.

    Sometimes I think answers are highly overrated. It’s the questions that often lead to fun, whereas answers (or what some people interpret as answers) occasionally arrive at a dead end. When that happens, the smart people find a new question that allows them to turn around and find a new path.

  2. Robin- I think that’s about the highest praise anyone could bestow on me. Thank you. Isn’t that a great song? I heard just a bit of it on the new Mac commercial and had to track it down, the video’s enchanting.

    the answers leading to a dead end kind of ties into your quote today… and the possiblity heading sort of tied into my 5:14am thought. We must be on the same wave length.

  3. Between solitude and company kept too long, between patterns and wide open spaces; there’s a balance.

    exceptional, all of it, but this especially takes me somewhere very deep. You have such a gift for capturing the hearts of things only to let them go in big, beautiful, armfuls……..and the reader flies with them. Thank you.

  4. Wow. First off I was inspired by your minimalistic theme and decided that given the current nature of my mood the past couple days less would be best. Then your most recent comment on my blog was just what I needed to hear. THEN I was reading this and my jaw dropped. Then there was Missy Higgins.

    Your awesome.

  5. This is just about as good as it gets. I especially liked Corinne Bailey Rae’s escort through the passages (or, at least, I hope it’s Corinne Bailey Rae, I’ll look pretty silly if it’s another artist). Thanks for this…

  6. mad- but good with the words

    jo- _I_ have a gift at doing that??? Even your comments are imaginatively crafted. Thank you.

    bibliomom- Good! I’m glad that comment came at the right time, there was truth to it. I went and looked, I do like that theme better than the gray scale theme. For some reason that one with the three columns in gray has never been my favorite. The missy higgins song is awesome, you recommend the best music.

    Bob- The singer is actually Yael Naim. I would have just edited your comment, except that was so interesting to me, because I was looking at a Corrine Bailey Rae song, and almost chose it for this entry! So you’re not so much silly as intuitive, how’s that?

  7. Ha! That’s the last time I go with my instincts… Yael Naim, you say? (He says, making sure he writes her name down for a future trip to the music store). No matter, it was a delightful choice.

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