5:14 am


This hour never quite loses its possibility.


11 thoughts on “5:14 am

  1. I’m often up then, like this morning, 5.30 my two decided that Friday should begin…..and I agree early morning is a wonderful time, especially for writing, my mind is free of clutter then.

  2. Maybe you are turning into an old person. We sleep very little, trying to squeeze maximum life out of each day. I like your new look, it is especially good for people with tired eyes. Many people don’t seem to appreciate how much easier it is to read black on white, scientifically proven. They want to add all sorts of colour and effects which to my mind detract from the actual words, especially if it makes them harder to read. Good morning, Amuirin, would you like a big mug of steaming coffee or some bacon and eggs on toast?

  3. I think you must be right, gingaTao. I’m turning into an old person. How much longer till I start growing young again?

    bibliomom- I donno, but I understand it. No one look is perfect, but there’s always the possibility another look will be *closer* to perfect.

    jo- you have more discipline than I do, likely. If I get up that early it’s only a few moments till I think how much better I’ll feel in bed. :)

  4. I like the look, too. Very modern. I like the black and white. Everything else stands out so well against it.

    But what I really wanted to say was, I love the hour. I wish I were much more apt to be up and productive between 5-6 each morning.

  5. ybonesy- me too, I wish I was up then, and getting the day started. It’s so weird… if I don’t do anything before 9am it’s like the whole day is shot. Even though there’s lots of day left, it seems that getting a start early changes the whole tenor of the day.

    I hope you feel better today.

  6. Me, too. If 9a hits and I haven’t done some morning practices and had two cups of cafe con leche, then my day is shot and I’m out of sorts. Forget about more structured work beyond the warm-ups.

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