Calvin and Hobbes favorites


I’ve been wanting to do a Calvin and Hobbes post for some time. We have all the Calvin and Hobbes comic books at our house, and they get read over and over again. Bill Watterson’s strip used to be the highlight of the Sunday afternoon funnies. I’ve often thought that Hobbes embodies the perfect man, except, you know… he’s a tiger. So here’s a few ‘best of’ the fiercesome duo. Hope you get a laugh out of them.













images.jpeg and last but not least:


9 thoughts on “Calvin and Hobbes favorites

  1. Boing Boing! I love a loophole, golghdn hahdgdaaahahahah, Cartoonists are amazing, creating these things day after day, especially Bill Watterson, they are so smart, insightful, and clever, everyone, and funny, brilliant, yaya,

  2. Love, love, love it……especially the value of money and the cigarettes, they really tickled me. Thanks for the big grin! I wonder if my eldest is old enough to get them? Mmmm, maybe not.

  3. My fave C & H is a tie between these two:

    Calvin in the bathtub, with his mother running the water; the dialogue in four frames goes like this: “It’s too hot. Now it’s too cold. Now it’s too hot. Now it’s too deep.”

    Calvin saying to his mother: “Guess what? Today I sold my soul to the devil,” to which she replies,”Really? That recently?”

  4. I love Calvin & Hobbes.

    My youngest son is too much like Calvin. He carried around a teddy bear named Peanut Butter who must have been related in some weird way to Hobbes.

  5. I adore C&H!! I have all their collections in my bookshelf and I’ll take them down to read them again every now and then. Thank you! You’ve inspired a blog post for me now :-)

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  7. We * had * all the Calvin & Hobbes in our house, but they were read and reread literally to death. When I find the individual pages, stained with god knows what, crumpled under pillows, I throw them away, now. Yes, sacrilege, I know. I do love them, too… but at some point, you just have to know when to let go (and buy new copies, probably).

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