Just for the Girls

This was an off-the-cuff idea inspired by Mike, a hottie I met online a few months back. Of course, I was soon swept off my feet by C. the now infamous Italian romantic instead, but Mike has agreed to be the eye-candy for a bit of girl’s night fun.

A few things about Mike: He’s in his early twenties, never been married. He’s a diving instructor from Western Canada, and he’s curious what the female readers of Stop & Wander think of his shower-fresh facade.


Here’s the rating system, feel free to weigh in (anyone can rate, whether you’re married, single, or joining the convent next week):

5 stars: Take me anywhere, just take me, you Canadian hottie!

4 stars: Ooo, is it warm in here? I’d date him in a New York minute.

3 stars: He looks interesting. Maybe coffee or drinks.

2 stars: A bit too young and unseasoned. Call me in five years.

1 star: So how much do you charge to mow my lawn?

(Aw, save it fellas. It’s the same as you watching Miss America or reading Playboy “for the articles”. Women are entitled to a little fun now and then as well.)


24 thoughts on “Just for the Girls

  1. Oh this needs to be a weekly feature Am! Pretty please.

    I’m going to say 2. Not that he’s not attractive it’s just he doesn’t appear to be my type at all and he needs to get some years on him. I like a well seasoned man myself. Not well-done but well-seasoned.

  2. This is so much fun. I agree, weekly feature. Nice clean fun. Now I’d say number two, a bit too young and unseasoned. I’d say call me in five years, but I might be dead by then I’m so old. And then there’s the really creepy factor that he might be the friend of one of my sons, so that raises the ick factor. Basically, I’d say. Now you put some clothes on Sonny and don’t be looking at me like that. I’m old enough to be your mother. Any interesting MUCH older hotties out there? Not dead yet though.

  3. Mmmm. Just because he’s sexy doesn’t mean hes dumb. 4.5,,, and I love the part where his hand is on the towell in front. What a tease!!!

  4. I would say the bod is definitely a 5. Can’t really tell about the face – it’s looking a little bad gay porn for my taste. But, overall, I would say a 3.5 to see if there is more goin’ on there.

  5. Okay, this has been intriguing me all day……..gee, Jo, get a life, but does this guy know he’s up here? I’ve got visions of him reading all the comments and getting upset…..

  6. lol, an understandable concern, but yes, Mike agreed to this, and he got to check out the draft before I put it on the front page so he could veto anything he was uncomfortable with. His words, ‘I’m not shy.’

    But yeah, he’ll read the comments. Hopefully commenters will bear that in mind.

  7. If I were younger, I’d give him at least a 3. But I’m not so I’ll have to go with a 2. Like TIV, it occurred to me that he’s younger than my oldest son, and likely about the same age as my youngest son, and that brings in an ick factor that has nothing to do with Mike.

    I was just thinking… I’m not sure I have a “type.”

    Fun, Am. :)

  8. Alright girls. I was thinking about this, because several requested that this be made a weekly feature. I am first and foremost honored that you think my stash of available and willing hotties is bottomless.

    But,,, you know, it ain’t. However… I’ll keep it going for as long as there are willing hotties who give their permission to be rated, and as it happens I *do* have an older cutie who is looking for love and willing to stand up to scrutiny next week if I put the word out he’s interested in meeting a nice, single, intellligent woman.

    So David next week, and it looks like I might have one more after that. Beyond that point I’d hafta go recruiting, and I’m just not sure I have the huevos. (but maybe someone else with a cute uncle or roommate can take up the torch)

    Thanks for rating! And thanks to Mike for being the Guinea Pig. He did a stand-up (and steamy) job. :)

  9. Dunno if it’s too late, but I’m going to be harsh and say 1 star for me. On a good day, I’m so picky it’s just ridiculous. And he’s too young for me too. Above and beyond that, my sex drive is more or less gone. So… yeah.

  10. Alright… I’m gonna be straight up honest with you gals. I’m not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that… any Seinfeld fans know that line?) : )

    But it’s been so long for me that people say I’m a born again virgin and cuz of that I’m halfway considering giving this young pup a go at it. Besides, if i decided to go gay… i’d instantly double my wardrobe. : )

    4.5 from this very straight guy in Texas. : )

    [Desit walks away looking at his belly and grumbles, “damn, i really gotta start going to the gym”]

  11. Ditto on making it a weekly feature.

    Does he have his eyebrows waxed, because they look a little too perfect. I like a more mangy man, I have to say. Long hair, hippy like, although with a nice bod. And Mike does have a nice bod. Have him grow his hair out or muss it up a lot more. If he’s doing waxing on the eyebrows, cease and desist. If not, then my profuse apologies — it’s my fever and the steam.

    I give him a 3.

  12. He is a pretty, pretty boy, I must say. Just, like for many others here, way too young. A 2 based on that, a 5 based on general impersonal attractiveness.

  13. week two is up. I’ll have to think a little about a rumpled guy, ybonesy. I like rumpled guys too (maybe that’s why I can’t imagine putting them up for this heartless scrutiy :) )

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