Heath Ledger dead at 28

Heath Ledger was found naked and unconscious in a lower Manhattan apartment next to a bottle of pills, according to CNN. A housekeeper tried to rouse him to go to a massage appointment and found him unresponsive. Authorities declared the actor dead.

Both suicide and accidental drug overdose are being rumored on celebrity blogs.

Ledger, best known for his Academy Award nominated role in ‘Brokeback Mountain‘, was most recently seen in the artistic film ‘I’m Not There‘ featuring different artists as incarnations of Bob Dylan.

Ledger’s final acting role will not be seen until this summer’s release of the latest Batman installment: The Dark Knight. In it, Ledger plays a haunting version of the comic book character ‘The Joker’, replete with smeared makeup and a demented clown’s laugh. The film was in post-production at the time of Ledger’s death.

Ledger and Brokeback co-star Michelle Williams have a young daughter named Matilda.



9 thoughts on “Heath Ledger dead at 28

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  2. Although I did see 10 Things I Hate About You, I couldn’t identify him if I saw him. I never saw Brokeback Mountain. Or any of his other movies.

    Now they are saying he had pneumonia and that while there were sleeping pills and other prescription meds nearby, they were not all over the floor where he was found. Time will tell, I guess.

  3. Holy shit, that is terrible, I hadn’t heard…….that makes me very, very sad, I don’t have time for most celebrities but I’ve seen him interviewed several times and he seemed like a very cool bloke, plus he was a very, very fine actor (Brokeback Mountain is one of my alltime favourite films). God……..

  4. bibliomom- He was great in 10 things I hate about you. I guess his upcoming work in The Dark Knight is really something to see as well.

    Corina- I hadn’t seen Brokeback either. Yeah, there seems to be some mistakes in early reports, and like many of the commenters, people who know him seem really shocked and saddened. Many are trying to explain the circumstances. He was tired, he was sick, he’d been on a long flight. Whether he took his own life or it was an accidental overdose, there are many who really want to protect his name so that says something about his character, that people care about him post-humously.

    gingatao- It kinda shakes the foundations when someone this young, with so much going for them dies at their peak.

    jo- I keep wondering what his ex, Michelle is thinking. They have their daughter together, and I wonder if she thinks she should have been more in touch or kept an eye. He kinda spun into some strange orbits when they broke up.

    Oscarandre- Those poor people are in for a long, media circus. What a thing to go through while mourning your son’s death.

  5. I feel disproportionately sad about this. I liked Heath Ledger. I thought he was a great actor. He seemed so un-Hollywood (except for his brief involvement with Lindsay Lohan). I loved him in Brokeback Mountain, 10 Things I Hate About You, and I’m Not There, which I just saw last week.

    Did you know that Fred Phelps and his “church” are going to stage a protest at his funeral?

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