A Date with Destiny: Link-ups!

It’s that time again… time to play blog matchmaker. My introspective stint is (thankfully) gone for the time being, so I’ve been looking around to see what all you wily weeble-warts are up to. Verrrry interesting.

What d’ya say? Ready to mix it up a little?

Disclaimer: Link-ups are not intended to result in a romantic interlude. Participation in a link-up is wholly voluntary. Stop & wander is not liable for any fist-fights or offspring that may result from clicking on a link.

Here’s how it works. If you see your nickname in the introductions down below, simply click on the name of the blogger you’re being introduced to, and it’ll take you to a post that I’ve deemed ‘awesome-enough-to-turn-the-benevolent-light-of-my-attention-upon’. Ready? Tough.

Jaynova, I’d like to introduce you to Lilli.

Lilli, I’d like you to meet Oscarandre.

Slothboy meet Dash.

Jo, this is Mr. Slothboy.

Dash, meet anhinga

Robin, you might visit anhinga too, over here.

Bibliomom, meet Bob.

And gingaTao!, it’s high time you met bibliomom!

Ron, take a peek at Smack’s photographs, do.

aos, you’ll enjoy this, read Molo.

Molo, here’s a site that you could have easily written, ‘Stop Blogging’.

Julian, I’m thinking you’ll dig Jo.

Ybonesy, I’d like you to meet Julian.

David R., here’s the real creator of the poem/prose, Letters to Ed.

Barbara, I’d like to introduce you to David.

Mad Haiku, check out Tim Sandlin.

1poet4man you’ll be pleased to meet pamplemousse.

J (of Thinking About), I’d like to introduce you to aos.

Bob, you might stop by red Ravine when you have the chance…

Smiler, meet the marvelous Robin.

Finally, Ben you should meet J, and TIV meet Sumedh.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happy link-ups! Remember to surf responsibly.

20 thoughts on “A Date with Destiny: Link-ups!

  1. Aren’t you just the sweetest thing? You know we are all hit whores and go over the moon when our counter numbers shoot up. I enjoyed my two links and will check out others, too.

  2. This was a brilliant idea with brilliant matches. I love poetman and pamplemoose. I so appreciate learned about samedh’s writing and gorgeous photographs. This was very generous of you. Thank you. Now we need to reciprocate. Have you read Cole at Blahblahblah?

  3. I love it when you do this. I learn about so many great bloggers. You have impeccable taste, btw. Is it OK to say I have a crush on my linky friend and am going to cyberstalk him? Just kidding. I do like his blog, though.

  4. Well, color me flattered. i’ve never been stalked before. I’ll look over my shoulder now and again to add to the effect and try my best to contain my smile over my first stalker. oh god… did i just make a blogging faux pau (i like saying it “folks paw” with a real thick east Texas hillbilly twang) :). it is me your stalking right bones?

    Thanks Amuirin.. i love when you do this, too. In the short time I’ve been blogging I’ve settled comfortably into the small list of blogging peeps I have on my list. You’ve pushed me out the door to meet some new folks.

    By the way… yes, I am soooo diggin Jo.

  5. Thanks, weebles and weeblettes. It’s really fun to do the link-ups, especially when people like who they get introduced to. Thanks for the website suggestions, and thanks for playing along. I have an idea forming for a little spring blog love. Woot!

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