7 months

Oh, how the time flies… Stop & Wander marks its seven month anniversary today. No, no, don’t be bringing me cookies and presents and stuff. (but if you insist… I like pecan chocolate chip)

the stats:

Total Views: 30,390
Best Day Ever: 969 — Thursday, December 6, 2007
Views today: 183

Posts: 230
Comments: 2,089
Categories: 204

thank you & you & you for being part of this enchanting blogging community.


15 thoughts on “7 months

  1. Meant to mention this —

    Saw your note about hoping all was well. As it happens, things are well. My mother seems to be doing better, all things considered, and everything here in the state that is hi in the middle and round on both ends is pretty peachy too.

    Thank you for asking/commenting. I hope all is well with you out there, too. :)

  2. Robin- I’m so glad to hear that things are going well. Great day here… Cloverfield’s opening. Yay! Have you decided whether to see it or not? (you can have my share of the champagne)

    Stevo= yeah, page views are way up. I’ve finally trained the cats to click on the links *efficiently*

    jo- I’ll tell you, but it isn’t cus of the content I think, so much as the Gorilla Guys highlighted it that day, and they’re a really high traffic site.

    here it is: https://bugbear.wordpress.com/2007/12/05/a-nice-little-bout-of-purgatory/

    For hits though, definitely write about cuttlefish. I can’t believe how popular that post is.

    jaynova- *reiterates* cuttlefish! I’m sure it will pick up again. Current events are heavy hitters often times.

    rtd- Ron, yer like a walking party.

    bibliomom- I saw it. I’ll take it. Perfecto. Except… I want the real thing. (and I’m actually not generally fond of cheesecake, but that one looks good)

    lillipilli- *curtseys*

  3. You, D! Jealous! As if. I have every faith that your glorious manhood will be up and running in jiffy quick order.

    (I wonder what kind of drama’s gonna ensue from *that* comment?? ;) )

    gingatao- You know, it’s highly dangerous to go around these parts cookie-crumb covered. Men have literally been torn limb from limb by chocolate deprived amazons who hang out on this blog.

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