Let’s go to the movies

Alright. Finally. A scary movie I actually want to see…

It’s been a long time coming, y’know? With all the grisly torture films that have rained down like a plague in theaters, Alien versus Predator Requiem almost seemed refreshing. Plain old slash and splatter-guts, back to the simple life.

Not that I feel any compulsion to see that.

But Cloverfield? Hello.

Every time I see this preview I go, “What? What is it? What’s happening?” It looks like they’ve remade Godzilla…. giant monster attacks Manhattan. Woohoo! It’s okay to cinematically ravage NYC again! The world has been waiting.

But what’s intriguing from what I’ve read, this is like monster blockbuster meets YouTube realism. The film is shot with hand-held cameras, and it’s created from the perspective of a tape found after these events had unfolded. There aren’t any credits, it just throws you into the story. If you’ve seen the ads, you know they possess a grainy, realistic tinge.

So what is the monster? Is it a giant lizard, a tricked out Godzilla, or some blood-curdling multi-mouthed beast with rotting heads? I’m confident that this won’t be another ‘The Village‘ where Mr. Slavering beast turns out to be completely bogus.

Yep, I’m curious. The producer of this film is J.J. Abrams, and the director is Matt Reeves. These were the co-creator’s of television series ‘Felicity‘ which also centered in New York City. Abrams has been active in both television and movies, but has largely avoided the horror genre. The television series ‘Lost‘ is probably the closest project to Cloverfield that he’s taken on. Writer Drew Goddard, on the otherhand, has written scripts for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, as well as working with Abrams on Alias and Lost. I’m interested to see what it is about this film that inspired Reeves and Abrams to try a monster movie.

Cloverfield will be in theaters nationwide on Friday, January 18th.

And so will Mad Money! Girls? Cus yeah, this is a chick-flick. It’s clearly a chick-flick. It looks like a fun chick-flick. I hope so. I like Queen Latifah a lot. There’s a real positive energy that comes from her. Last Holiday made me laaaauugh.

And there’s the mysterious Katie Holmes showing up all sunshiny in this film which is a really good move on her part. At this point the media has portrayed her as almost a prisoner in Tom Cruise’s mansion, an innocent duped into being the wife of a religious cult fanatic. That may all be true, but she looks great, doesn’t she?

What about Diane Keaton, though? There seems to be a trend of her teaming up with the hottest Hollywood nubile in her latest string of romantic comedies: ‘Because I Said So‘ with Mandy Moore, ‘The Family Stone‘ with Rachel McAdams, ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘ with Amanda Peet and now ‘Mad Money‘ with Katie Holmes. This trio make for an interesting visual; I hope there’s real chemistry and fun in this movie. I may need it to calm my jitters after Cloverfield.


14 thoughts on “Let’s go to the movies

  1. BTW…I always thought it would be funny to get a time machine and travel back to the beginning of Queen Latifah’s career. I would tell her that whe would eventually be nominated for an oscar for a musical. I think that would screw with her head a little.

    I would also tell her that Ice Cube would star in a family comedy.

  2. The promos for “Cloverfield” held some curiosity for me, as well. But, given my reticence toward the possibility of shelling out $30 for ducats and popcorn, only to go to the office the next day and hear the office wiseass tell everyone not to waste their money, I’ll probably wait for it to come to Blockbuster.

    I know, I know…

  3. I’m kinda like Bob in that regard but Cloverfield has caught my attention. First thing I thought once I caught the trailer all the way through was “very Blair Witch-esque” I’m not a scary movie-type but I’m leaning towards shellin out the bucks to check out. looks pretty cool.

  4. Cloverfield interests me, too. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good scary movie.

    Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a good chick-flick since…hmmm…can’t think of one. Maybe it’s time for that, too.

  5. There is a monster and there are also lots of little monsters. Not to spoil the story, just to reassure you that it isn’t a dream or anything like that. They have also said the will show the monster so you don’t have to worry about the Blair Witch letdown.

    You are right to want to see this movie. I’ve been waiting for it for six months. According to an interview with the director, they really did only use one camera. They would do multiple takes of course, but they had to rely on the one camera to catch their big effects shots and everything. So sometimes you don’t see everything in the big effect because the camera guy was late, but they really liked the degree of realism that presented. They also loved it when people would fall down and etc.

    The coolest/strangest part is that the person you will identify most with in the film is the one you almost never see. The camera man becomes “you” and so in spite of the fact that he has almost no screen time, he is the main character. Fascinating.

    I’m excited for it not only as an awesome movie, but also as an experiment. I love it when people try to do something different.

  6. jaynova- no go on the chick-flick, eh? Yeah, that would have been funny at the start of her career. Ice-Cube seemed strangely right for the part in ‘Are we there yet?’

    Bob- k, Star Wars quote time: “You must do what you feel is right, of course.” However, this film is going to deliver a huuuuge impact on the big screen. Yup. And it might be mighty fun. Yup. And those post-it notes things are handy for telling the office wiseass exactly where to shove it. Yup.

    jules- let’s all go next weekend and write corresponding reviews rife with spoilers so a small sanction of wordpress paranoids think we’re pod people bent on ruining their movie-going experience, and they’ll warn everyone off from our sites, so of course we’ll get tons of hits!

    …or, you know, I could just stay home and watch ‘The Mummy Returns’, the best mediocre film of all time.

    bibliomom- see comment to jules

    Robin- see comment to jules. What do you think?

    mad- Noooooooo!!!!!

    Slothboy- Well, see, now that answers a question I had about the parking garage. If the beast is big enough to munch on lady liberty, I was wondering how the hell are they hearing something in a parking garage? I don’t like it when they morph a giant creature to be smaller in some takes to fit, so the little monsters, okay.

    Someone who saw an early screening on IMDB was talkin about that first-person immersion. For people with motion sickness, the effect could probably make you woozy, but I”m really, really interested to see that. Thanks for the info, now I’m even more curious.

  7. The only real concern I have with the footage is that it looked just a bit forced in a couple places, they showed the first five minutes of the movie online and I watched it and it seemed like the camera was tilted at a 10-20 degree angle all the time. I get it when he is running around and stuff, but when I am standing still holding my camera and filming something I hold it horizontally.

    However, they do use a lot of abrupt stops and starts, which is pretty accurate for raw footage and after the statue of liberty head hits the ground people scream for a second, as in the trailer, and then they run up to it and start snapping pictures with camera phones. I guarantee that is exactly what it would happen in real life and it smacked of brilliance. It is hard to accurately recognize “normal” things people do and portray them as such. It is in the simple moments where the film will either completely sell or completely lose the reality feel. From what I’ve seen it looks like they mostly got it right.

    I’m just glad they didn’t add in the flashing “REC” with a red dot like they always do on TV or movies when it is supposed to be camcorder footage.

  8. I’M IN!!! I am SOOOO in! B-mom, Robin… are gonna do it? oh, oh… I’ll need a voice recorder of some kind to make quick notes, maybe my little point and shoot camera stealthfully hidden in my crotch (hey… it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a person of my short stature could be so well endowed thank you very much Amuirin). Black sunglasses, a trench coat, something pod people-ish… a chain saw.

  9. slothboy- hell yes, that’s true to life. Nothing’s really happened these days unless someone’s filmed it on their camera phone. Tim Sandlin, author and blogger hooked me on his blog when he wrote about being in Yosemite and an idiot from Utah decided to get up close and personal with a Grizzly Bear. All these people were watching, hoping the grizzly would just rip his arms off instead of killing him cus ‘it would make better footage’. It was a hilarious depiction of human stupidity in the media age.

    jules- You’re so crazy. I wanna show that comment to my mom… lol. K, we wanna freak people out, but maybe not get arrested. Bring the sunglasses, leave the chainsaw. And the trench coat. Trench coats attract more attention than chain-saws ever since Columbine.

    bibliomom- yep, this weekend. Sweet, it’s coming to the local theater this Friday, I checked. Woohoo… k, barring any unforeseen catastrophe it’s on. It’ll be interesting to read other people’s reviews.

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