Bestest Search Terms

Just to sort of ease back into blog-world… here’s some of the search-terms people used to find this blog in the last week.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

super shark baby 3 ……Some newfangled super hero, I assume?

cuttlefish shooting his things out 1 ……Oh my.

ultimate horny dwarf pics 1 ……Step right up.

soap you can eat 1 ……For the Potty Mouth in your life who has everything.

where to buy g string,worn by girl ..’Bad Idea Bargain Bin’ comes to mind.

stupid fynny letter 1 …… Babydoll, they’re all stupid if you spell like that.

purple request look youtube 1 …… Yeah, I got nothin’.

chinese male g-string 1 …… Trivia bit: Chinese G’s are the most requested.

“super grover” shirt 1 … It’s an eggplant! It’s a meatball! It’s a muppetbutt.

oops my g string 1 …… Just don’t let it happen again.

wander bra 1 …… For mammaries on the move.

creepy baby pictures 1 …… That’s what photoshop is for, goober.

mirror pic with thongs on 1 …… I just hope there were bells on the toes.

hand carved monkey chess set 1 …… Now yer tryin’ to make me jealous.

Thong chastity femaLE 1 …… K, I foresee engineering issues.

anal steamboat 1 …… Let’s leave this one alone, shall we?

freaks of thong 1 …… The slavering multitudes, ayieee!

chastity thumbs 1 …… Oh how pure art thy digits, mistress.

pimples in the back of my head 1 …… You sexy thang.

horny string 1 …… Randy twine: A kinder, more inclusive modern fetish.


18 thoughts on “Bestest Search Terms

  1. are these for real? No, come on now… 8)

    cuttlefish shooting his things out 1 ……Oh my.

    ultimate horny dwarf pics 1 ……Step right up.

    Thong chastity femaLE 1 …… K, I foresee engineering issues.

  2. Got my search terms beat by a mile…

    The weirdest I get is: “marijuana studio city” whch only makes me wonder who might be dumber, the dealer selling online or someone actually thinking that might be an option…


  3. LOL!!

    I should give you a list of my bestest search terms and see what you could do with them. An example from today (which has me stumped):

    weird poodle fetish

    Or how about:

    feet/no toes

    Welcome back, Am. I missed you.

  4. I’m jealous. I saw another one of these lists somewhere (not as good as your of course!) that also had “say what???” search terms in it. Mine are so…well mostly spiritual. The craziest one I get is “small tits” and “sex with madonna” but that would be because I actually wrote those words on my blog. Did you do a few entries on g-strings or what? They seem really popular. I want weird search terms I can post about too!!

  5. barbara- aw, well… I had to let the resident ultimate horny dwarf go, alas. All the hot sites were offering him more money, and he was becoming insufferable. But you can still find him at

    QuoinMonkey- yup, all for real- and that just from last week! I had one today that said, ‘how to get harpies’…
    I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

    jo- yeah, it’s an interesting well of inspiration, all right. Imagine a world where delicates wandered off when ever they caught the whim…

    david- your barley assault post was pretty funny, too.

    varasca- I donno. I donno why that search term lead to here, either. If I did know, I’d probably deny it, but I donno.

    bibliomom- lol… well, we’re tryin’ to.

    rtd- Hey, do a post about the seven dwarfs and a post about g-strings and your search terms will pick right up.

    Plus, those would surely inspire some interesting pictures.

    gingatao- you smileyed me

    mad- well that still leaves horny string and the anal steamboat. *squints*

    ybonesy- for some strange reason that one puts me in mind of David Hasselhoff. I wonder if I’m channeling the spirits of his blackheads?

    tx Robin. :) I missed you all too. (that wasn’t a y’all… well, not quite)

    feet/no toes made me laaaaugh. The weird poodle fetish wasn’t so surprising, somehow. If ever a dog was designed for a weird fetish…

    Smiler- Only one entry on G-Strings, and it was mostly from wikipedia. This one:

    But it is by far the most popular of my entries, except for the cuttlefish. For some reason I get like 9 or 10 hits a day for the simple search term ‘cuttlefish’. I must have somehow managed a high google ranking for my brief entry on the critters.

    Some of us kinda tempted the search-engine genies on purpose awhile back. For a time there were a lot of references to feet, and a titles that sounded provocative, just to see what results would be. It came out about how you’d expect. There’s just no underestimating the horniness of human beings.

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  7. jaynova- I actually googled it, and get this… it’s a unique term! We’re makin’ history here, thanks to my resident deviants.

    ‘kucinich reptoid?’


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