Applications & … etc.

Happy Monday

I have a lot of paperwork to fill out for federal student loans among other things. The bureaucracy gods need appeasing. There’s other stuff, too… yeah. At any rate, Stop & Wander will be on sabbatical for just a little bit.

(Comment moderation is on at the moment, just so it doesn’t puzzle the shit out of anyone.) I’ll still be reading the usual suspects. Have a good week.


10 thoughts on “Applications & … etc.

  1. ok…it’s ok…really it’s OK to leave us without your pearls and musings – I mean we are grown ups…well aren’t we…? Well maybe not me…I am going to the pantry – there must be some soup there to cry in…boo.

  2. [Deist pinches himself] wake up Jules… this is just a dream. [pinch, pinch, pinch] ok, this isn’t working and it’s starting to hurt and now i feel a little light headed. A bag! I need a bag to breathe into! B-mom!… a bag.

    : ) i hope you find respite in your time offline. Hopefully the paperwork isn’t too much of a hassle. hugs from the Gulf Coast. ~jules

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