There are days…

when having homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for breakfast is not only justifiable but also advisable, from a big picture standpoint.


18 thoughts on “There are days…

  1. lol

    When I make my list of belly laughs and silver linings, Ron & Robin are way up at the top.

    On the same line, you know.

    Like Abbott & Costello, Gershwin & Berlin

  2. lol! Have to agree with you there, Ron.

    There was a guy…in a book….he carried around a lime. Everyone wanted to see it. I can’t remember the name of the book…

    Oh wait…Anansi Boys! Neil Gaiman.

    Ron and his lime suddenly reminded me of that. But really, you can’t have a good rum and coca cola without a lime…

  3. Robin, you did mean “without a lime” didn’t you?

    Please don’t shatter another illusion, I can only handle one shattered illusion per day… :)


  4. anhinga- how thoughtful! We maintained power here, (yay!) but it was stormy, and had a very interesting encounter..

    in fact I think I’ll blog about it.

    We’ll save you a cookie.

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