Serendipity II

Came home, downloaded. Woah….

Fell head over heels for my accidents; twitterpated by blurs


Where was I?

I don’t know. But I bet Alice was there, in black suede boots, waltzing on the frost tip of a continent hopelessly infested by neon caterpillars.


Curiouser and curiouser. Mind your step…

Yes, there were meant to be fantastical creatures-



but, these weren’t in the brochure:

A coral reef of crystal? Moon-haunts creeping through a Mar’s red ionosphere?



Of course there were dragons…


Hell yes, there were dragons….


passed under gingerly, as they’ve been known to suddenly explode.


Everywhere the sound of moon-cold softened inside the crinkly wrapping of holiday chatter. Now and again, the beckon of trains.


It could have been Christmas. It could have been a soul-fest of vivid anomaly;


(if you want to wax poetical).


Maybe an aneurism: blood bursting in the brain to create pockets of color.



Water sprites molting their rainbows….


Isn’t it a strange and marvelous world?



11 thoughts on “Serendipity II

  1. You are a wondrousness. That is just beautiful and you have built it perfectly one to the next and linked them with your magic grins and twinkles. The dragon taking off is amazing. They are all amazing, it is the joy in your mind bubbling over with delight onto the page. And the water sprites, just as I was chasing a twinkling sprite, a special one indeed, serendipity, synchronicity, perfectly wonderful,

  2. oh I agree… it reminds me of the light shows I have seen and how they make the mind swirl and your heart regress to childhood dreams. Lovely stuff.

  3. incredible, just incredible, I am going to show my boys, the images are lovely, the captions lovelier… that sixth picture is gorgeous and the molting of rainbows is so very poetic.

  4. What great photographs! They reminded me of fireworks, except that I don’t like fireworks particularly, and I liked your photos a great deal. So I’m not sure in what way, exactly, they reminded me of them. Hmmm.

  5. gingatao- I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The sprite picture was serendipity indeed. Sort of an accident of light and editing. .

    Which one of you said the best pictures are often accidents? I find this to be true.

    Narnie- I can’t get past thinking that your picture reminds me of a movie star or someone from a music video that was big in my childhood. Very exotic. I wish I could remember who she was.

    jo- I was terribly pleased when you said you were showing your boys. If you get the chance, click on Robin’s link. I sometimes show her photos to my grandma, who has become a big fan.

    Slothboy- Zoolights actually. They really went all out this year.

    rtd- maybe in Alice’s case… ;)

    Sarah- I’ve been there! A few times, actually. We have a giant crab here on the roof of Fred Meyer during the Seafood & Wine festival in February.

    Do you have a blog, btw? Your nickname doesn’t link up.

    Robin- me too! The dragon was very cool, and those photos were the most fun to take.

    gingatao- I agree with you too, risk-free!

    david- ty! well, different colored lights. Quirky, that. I’m glad, anyway, to present something like fireworks that you could enjoy.

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