I woke late. They killed Bhutto.
That was something of a foregone conclusion. It’s surprising how long she lasted. It sucks when terrorism wins the day. 
I wonder, were her killers Islamic extremists who hated her for being a woman in power that showed her face, Islamic extremists who hated her for promoting democratic elections and entering into talks with the United States, or did Musharraf, our ‘ally’ who has become more erratic, paranoid and censorial with each passing month, did he have a hand in the death of the Pakistan Peoples Party icon? 

7 thoughts on “News.

  1. I was too busy responding to a post on Robin’s, she beat me to the post.

    I don’t think any of those three are mutually exclusive. so yeah, all of the above, unfortunately.


  2. None of the above.

    However, it’s not the why that bothers me, it’s what will happen. Her death will either be the spark to begin some massive flame of change in Pakistan (and the surrounding regions), a rethinking of what has always gone before and the consequences those bring, or the spark which signals an end to freedoms in the area. History might favor the latter, but there always has to be some hope. I think.

  3. It is a sad fact however, that her death may be her greatest achievement to push democracy forward… she was a remarkable lady and I am heartened by how many people care – really care.

  4. I know that all the focus is on the meaning this has for the world but all I can think of are her kids. How life altering losing a parent can be. She talked about how her own fathers assassination sparked in her the need to be a spark for change. no matter how noble the cause losing a parent is heart breaking.

  5. Her assassination was a terrible thing and though she was much better than her opponents, by her actions, in this country she would have been considered corrupt.

  6. I’m greatly saddened by this event. But, yes, we knew it was coming. She knew it was coming, too. I wrote about her in one of my writing practices. (Because of the nature of our mission and vision, we don’t write much about politics on our blog.) She knew it was coming. She stood up for what she believed in. She died trying to make her country a better place for all to live. I’m struck by how much courage she had. In some strange way, she is still inspiring me to do the best I can toward change in my own backyard.

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