Tiger makes Christmas snack of tourist

Holy crabcakes, batman… have you seen the news? Here is it Christmas, and I decide to file away my post-excess blankness into a little cat-nap.

Cat-nap: Yeeeaugh- turns out a tiger made a snack of some poor guy in San Francisco. Say what?! Yep. This kinda shit only happens in the movies, but no… a crazy-ass Siberian tiger managed to escape from the San Francisco Zoo of all places, and mauled some poor visitor to pieces.

The blood-thirsty ‘Tatiana’ (according to KTVU) didn’t stop there but critically injured two other men in their twenties before making a fatal spring at police weilding handguns.

Bye bye tiger.


This might not be the most appropriate place to state that Siberian tigers are beautiful, awesome creatures, though they are. Apparently, Tatiana had developed a taste for human blood last year when she mauled the arm of a zoo-keeper.

If you watch any Animal Planet at all, you know the most dangerous of any wild-creatures to the human race are those that have had a former opportunity to snack on human flesh. Once a lion or a tiger becomes a man-hunter, they’re unlikely to ever quit the habit. Why should they? Human beings are plentiful and not all that particularly bright. Once an animal has identified bi-pedal primates as a valid food source, there’s no reason for it to stalk more difficult game that our species have made rare and skittish.

A tiger in captivity, however, is a beast of a different stripe. What caused Tatiana to stalk and viciously ravage human beings for her Christmas dinner? And um, just out of curiosity, how’d she manage to escape from her cage at the San Francisco Zoo? I suspect some rather in-depth investigations into the care and handling of San Fran’s wild-life will be unfolding in the weeks to come.

Lord knows, even a zoo needs a scape-goat. Read the story here.

11 thoughts on “Tiger makes Christmas snack of tourist

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  3. I saw this story too. And thought, poor tiger, who can blame her for wanting to slice the bastards who kept her imprisoned for no reason other than gawping. “We attempt to confiscate their blades…” You always make me smile though, “every zoo needs a scape-goat”. Those cookies were yummy, thankyou. And thankyou too for this morning’s smiles from that skipping, smart and funny story, scape goat,

  4. Who were the more blood-thirsty? The tiger or the press who took footage of the man being stretchered away and then all crowded around the surgeon who was attempting to save the other two… blood-lust for a story is no instinct, it is greed. Oh! and I wondered what the zoo was doing open on Christmas Day? I live in the UK, so the entire country shuts down on that one day a year – even traffic wardens hang up their hats for 24 hours (I parked everywhere just cos I could).

  5. Narnie: The San Francisco Zoo stays open 365 days a year, as do many other “attractions” in the United States.

    Paul: They found a shoe print on the wall as if someone was climbing up over the enclosure and they found a shoe. However, all three of the victims were either wearing their shoes or had them near/next to them when they were found. Therefore, the shoe and leg that were dangled over the enclosure (if there was such a thing) did not belong to any of the three victims. Police are now taking shoe prints.

    How did she get out? They now believe she jumped over the enclosure which is actually not as high as it is supposed to be. They finally went out and measured the damn thing and it isn’t up to standards. And to think it only took one death for them to discover this.

    The young man that was killed was only 17. His family is, of course, devastated. The zoo remains closed as authorities investigate further.

  6. Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo.Te before. please read/
    tatiana has attacked once before

    POSTED: 3:21 pm PST December 22, 2006
    UPDATED: 7:27 am PST December 24, 2006
    [NEWSVINE: Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo] [DELICIOUS: Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo] [DIGG: Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo] [FACEBOOK: Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo] [REDDIT: Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo] [RSS] [PRINT: Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo] [EMAIL: Tiger Attacks Trainer At San Francisco Zoo]
    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — A female Siberian tiger attacked its trainer shortly after a public feeding Friday at the San Francisco Zoo, according to zoo officials.

    The attack happened in front of a crowd of people.

    The tiger apparently reached its paws through steel bars and grabbed the trainer’s arms while she was answering questions from the public after the 2 p.m. feeding.

  7. Yeah, this was last year. Same tiger this year kills a 17 year old visitor and mauls 2 others, causing critical injuries. The zoo, as of today, is still closed. I am a member and received a notice today saying they will remain closed until January 3rd, at the earliest.

    I am hoping the zoo can recuperate from this blow. I’m not sure they will.

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