white orchid

Some beautiful things last long past what seems reasonable or possible to hope for. The endurance of such beauty can fool you into believing it will last forever.


When it ends, the way that it goes communicates a truth about its nature. Does it fester from the root and turn black? Is it uprooted suddenly and flung away by a violence of jealous passion? Does it crumble to dust?


Sometimes beauty leaves us slowly, easing away, blossom by blossom; leaving behind the scent of something wild and sweet and pure.


It’s the part you can’t see which proves most likely to endure.


8 thoughts on “white orchid

  1. Gorgeous. The prose in its delicacy and precision and the subtlety of the emotion perfectly highlights and frames the flowers which in turn give an added depth to the writing. Orchids have long been my favourite flowers. Very beautiful post in every way.

  2. This is lovely writing. I have orchids on my bedroom windowsill (also my favourite flowers) and they are just starting to fold in on themselves again after two flowerings — I hope I get a third, but I doubt it. I enjoyed this very much, thanks.

  3. Beautiful. It makes me peaceful just looking at these shots. These orchids remind me of the magnolias in Georgia. They were in full bloom when I was there last June and I was blown away by their beauty and scent. They also started to brown by the time I left because it was the end of their cycle. I guess we have a lot to learn from these beautiful flowers.

  4. mariacristina- Welcome and thank you!

    mad- aha! You know yer orchids.

    gingaTao! Aw. I wish I could kype your response about silk purses rustling to let you know what your feedback means.

    david- that was the only part that came easy

    jo- Hi, and welcome. You know I love some orchids, but some of them are almost frightening. I think I like the simple ones best, the crazy exotics almost seem like visitors from another planet.

    thanks. :)

    QM- I love how they seem lit from within. Georgia magnolias… another sight to see. My grandmother just told me today about the amaryllis (sp?) She bought one. She says they grow almost a foot a day. I wonder if that’s true or poetic license.

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