playin’ w/somebody’s words

The Poetry Reading

I know where I want to go,
but I lose me in the line;
examples stretched over stanzas,
puzzles, read aloud to aloof and angular
faces. Delayed encounter with
a barrier of beat-informed courtesy trance.
(Shit, bugs the music right out of me.)
Those pale, elusive faces, tilted like
God’s own wax garden. I keep the cool words
up to the soft-mouthed ambush- *snap*
Then lava flows furious off my tongue;
the audience trapped; the room burning,
burning. No, they didn’t clap. Fuck no,
they didn’t clap. Ol’ Keruoac just
tweaked them in the nose.


6 thoughts on “playin’ w/somebody’s words

  1. gingatao!- welcome! I’ve been reading you for a day or two, but hadn’t commented yet, cus… well, honestly cus your writing makes me want to write better, and I had a meme on the top page. I’m very glad you came and explored, I’m smitten with your blog.

    Molo- “Downfall of civilization and all that.
    Whatever happened to having a place or person as a muse?”

    Guess it still happens, huh? Hey there, Terpsichore…

    ybonesy- I can’t figure out if you’re jokin’ that yer a member of that poetry read audience, or if yer nodding cus I actually wrote a poem. Either way… (grins back)

  2. Hello

    I can’t tell you how many open readings I have read at…and not once has anyone come up to me afterwards and said…wow, nicely done…I stopped going…oh, well…

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll…


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