olleH. sdrawkcab tsop siht trats d’I thguoht I.

So, what with being gone part of last week and then the holiday weekend, some of my favorite blog-reads haven’t been visited for a bit. I tried to throw a few posts up, but wasn’t much engaged and just enjoyed the holiday. It was nice.

A week’s distance from blogging is probably a good idea from time to time. I’ve discovered so many intriguing reads the last month or two, it would be easy to get burnt out trying to keep up with the blogroll!

But I’ll be reading and visiting y’all again. Yes, I just said y’all. My shame knows no bounds. I miss my familiar web haunts, I even miss the brain ache that comes from having one’s head too full up with words.

If you’re wondering about the password protected post below, what it is is a story that I’m in the process of writing for someone special. It’s becoming long and sillly and fun to write, definitely a work in progress.

It’s 1:19 am on Monday morning. Someone tell me a story now; I’m goin’ to bed.


13 thoughts on “Half-here

  1. YEA!!! she said “y’all”
    There might be a Texan in you yet.

    no, wait… not a, you know… i being a Texan would be IN you… what i mean is. you know, a Texan…. um… in you…

    [Texas Deist sheepishly and blushingly says] glad you made it home safe Amuirin.

  2. Tell you a story? Ok.

    Once upon a time in China, some believe, around the year one double-aught three, head priest of the White Lotus Clan, Pai Mei was walking down the road, contemplating whatever it is that a man of Pai Mei’s infinite power contemplates ā€” which is another way of saying “who knows” ā€” when a Shaolin monk appeared on the road, traveling in the opposite direction. As the monk and the priest crossed paths, Pai Mei, in a practically unfathomable display of generosity, gave the monk the slightest of nods. The nod was not returned. Now, was it the intention of the Shaolin monk to insult Pai Mei, or did he just fail to see the generous social gesture? The motives of the monk remain unknown. What is known are the consequences: The next morning Pai Mei appeared at the Shaolin Temple and demanded of the Temple’s head abbot that he offer Pai Mei his neck to repay the insult. The Abbot at first tried to console Pai Mei, only to find Pai Mei was…inconsolable. So began the massacre of the Shaolin Temple and all 60 of the monks inside at the fists of the White Lotus. And, so began the legend of Pai Mei’s Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

  3. Slothboy- wow. thank you.

    Now I need a story that explains what that story means. *nods*

    mad- ah, see. You did a thorough job of it.

    jules- lolol … now what *are* you trying to say, mmm?

    t.i.v- back door? I’m flattered. I had a bit of curiosity arise involving the post. Maybe I should manufacture a scandal and post about it, privately. *nods*

    lillipilli- I got archives!

    Robin- S’ok, Slothboy thought of one. A doozy.

    Paul- I know, I donno how you catch up. Your blogroll makes mine look like the little leagues.

  4. Kill Bill. Quentin Tarantino? I guess I could try. I saw 25 minutes of From Dusk till Dawn several years ago, and I still try and get the images out of my head. I snuck into another movie-theater, a really dumb kid’s movie like the boxing kangaroo one and just waited till my friends came and found me after their film.

    The thing was, it hadn’t even gotten to the vampire part yet before I was totally grossed out. Tarantino’s a bit gratuitous.

    Still, it’d be interesting to see his interpretation of a love story.

    (the nod bit made me lol)

  5. There is one over the top scene in Volume one where there is gratuitous limb-hacking, but it has such a damn compelling story that you will probably be able to cruise through it. Also, if you see it you will understand that it is intentionally over the top, which makes it easier because it isn’t realistic.

    Kill Bill Volume 2 is a love story and as I recall there is nothing in it that would give anyone pause. Well, nothing major.

    Strong female protagonists are always worth watching. You never doubt the skill or power of the character.

  6. yrots emitdeb a htiw sdne dna mhtyhr dna gnikniht sti ni sezzif dna selbbub ti, tsop yggolb elpmis a si ti hgouht neve dna noitcudortni backwards and forwards yemordnilap flah eht fo esuaceb eno siht dekcip I esruoc fo tuB. I put fun in the search engine. yayayay.

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