a New Music Love

Ingrid Michaelson… Woot-woot!~


9 thoughts on “a New Music Love

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  2. Yes, I love her voice. See, if you don’t post long enough, I will click on the videos. But I always have resistence to them for some reason. Glad I did! You have good musical taste.

  3. tiv- I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, they did a fantastic job with the lower one.

    Robin- you remembered! That may well be the only snow I see this year.

    biblio- breadable would be an even more interesting song. I can already hear the lyrics, ‘Won’t you be my wheat toast, darling? I’ve no need for wonderbread. You’re the empty calorie, the sugar-rush inside my head…”

    Ok, maybe not.

    aos- Yeah, I’m in love with it.

    ybonesy- I hear you, those youtubes aren’t conducive to clicking. There’s only a few sites I like to watch the videos on.

    & thanks ;)

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