Listen up, fuck fraggles

You hafta wear mismatched socks today.

That’s a dictate from Ohio.


6 thoughts on “Listen up, fuck fraggles

  1. But I don’t wear socks.

    Are you saying I’m going to have to find some socks (which will be unclean) and wear them with sandals?

    Fashion faux pas anyone.

    If it helps, I’m pretty sure I don’t own a pair of socks. I mean, I have socks, but twin socks? Never.

  2. Crap. Somebody forgot to tell us folks in Ohio.

    I’m barefoot, but I’m sure I can find plenty of pairs of mismatched socks in the laundry room. The dryer eats one of one pair just about every time I wash socks. I consider it a sacrifice to the Lint Monster.

  3. Ha! I always wear odd socks as a matter of pride, do you make these words up? F..kfraggles, giggling sounding word, I must go have dinner, you make me smile, bedraggley dressinggown, this post is a tiny gem of absurdist bubble pop delight,

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