Cure for a Feast Hangover

Are you full? Regretting that 2nd helping of mashed potatoes? Everyone’s sitting around, and you have that fidgety restlessness going on. Wishing something could take your mind off the metric ton of food you just consumed; get away from the incessant rattle of football and the gently buzzing drone of slightly disappointed relatives.

For God’s sake, take a walk!!!! But first, listen to this song. In the beginning you may be going, ‘wtf is this?’ but stick with it, trust me. Good shit.

(And this might be the time to mention that I shamelessly kyped Mr. Truffaz from the delectable warehouse of discerning books, songs and ideas found over at flannpake’s site. Buzz him sometime if you like it.)

 Bonus Track


13 thoughts on “Cure for a Feast Hangover

  1. Can’t keep up with you today. Just commented on your last post. I don’t know why those of us who live in Ohio are always the last to know.

    I haven’t eaten yet. We’re having a non-traditional Thanksgiving this year. No mashed potatoes. No turkey. At least not today. Today we’re having our famous Chicago-style deep dish pizza in the traditional meat version and a vegetarian version. That’s because we’re having friends over instead of family. All of us poor saps who don’t have family in the area and aren’t traveling home for the feasting are getting together to overthrow the traditions of the day. Except for football, beer, and the pumpkin pie. And snow. It’s snowing here in the snow belt. Wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without snow.

    You’re right. That was good shit.

  2. lol, its here

    you just have amazing timing. Tim who took the pictures inspired me with the sock thing lol. I’m sure the memo will be making the rounds.

    I envy you the pizza! We did that one year, just went out for burgers and a movie and it was kind of divine.

    Your Thanksgiving sounds pretty awesome. ;) Throw a snowball for me.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m here making chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake for my family’s belated Thanksgiving tomorrow because the girls are with their Dad. Anyway… I haven’t heard of that song but I’ll look into it. Thank you for the music suggestion. I’m always up for those.

  4. Happy T-Day. Cool video. Now that’s a grand entrance if I ever saw one. Jazzy. Believe it or not, I’m not too full. We ate light and now it’s quiet in the house. One of us is studying and one is reading blogs. Silent night. And snowy.

  5. pmousse- That’s right… Canadian, eh. You guys have yours sometimes in October, i believe?

    QuoinMonkey- I loved that picture of the quiet, snowy evening together. And Robin’s too, and bibliomom cooking the decadent cheesecake. All such different situations, but great ones. Next big holiday maybe I’ll ask folks for a peek into their Christmastime traditions. There seems to be no end to the way they are celebrated.

    bibliomom- I posted the song, after listening to most everything of Ingrid Michealson’s on Youtube. That dessert sounds like a sinful delight. Never heard of cookiedough cheesecake before… hope your celebration went smashingly.

    lillipilli- *grins* told ya~!

    Dash- You’re right! The stairwell set up, it is very similar. I’ll hafta givve that band a further listen. Thanks for the recommend.

  6. Happy day after! I drank peppermint tea last night, and I made a cup for Dee when she got up a half hour after going to bed saying she had a bad stomach ache. Too late to walk, but never too late for a cuppa peppermint tea!

  7. Ah, thanksgiving, a holiday for eating… oh wait, they are all holidays for eating… maybe the metric ton gag was not a gag, maybe its a holiday marked by eating enough food to shorten one’s life by a decade or so.

    Please don’t shorten your life by a decade or so!

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