Some Theories on Love, Part 2


How’s this going so far?

There is a quote about the impossible and the improbable. Something like, the impossible is more likely to occur than the improbable.

This wasn’t something I could ever wrap my head around properly, but I begin to feel that I can know it better than I can understand it. I could never love again like I did when I was fourteen. No, it couldn’t be, not with the way things turned out, the lessons I learned.

It would be impossible to feel that crazy kind of earth-shattering love.



Hell, it’s not even healthy, right? To love that way.

I donno. I think the human race is by and large confused. Co-dependency is such an awful, awful thing allegedly. I think because we often don’t practice love after we fall in love. But what is it when a couple who has been married 55 years, one dies and the other lasts only a couple of days before dying without their mate?

Co-dependency? The perception is situational.

Maybe we’re too autonomous these days.

Deep, deep down, past all this pride of living independently and ‘surviving’ every hurdle love may have thrown in my direction, I’ve always secretly wished and wanted for someone I couldn’t live without.

In fact, I sincerely believe that this may truly be what the living of life is for, impossible though it may seem at times.


5 thoughts on “Some Theories on Love, Part 2

  1. When you do not have someone you cannot live without, it is unhealthy and unnecessary. When you are with someone you cannot live without, it is necessary and any alternative is undeserving of consideration.

  2. You can’t love like you did at 14. At that age, it, the love, is your whole world. As you grow you have a life, interests, other things.

    Having someone you can’t live without is romantic, but really the feelings of the inner 14-year-old. Yeats said, Things change. The center cannot hold. Keep and treasure your individuality, your center. Don’t lose yourself completely in another, ’cause things change.

    The only thing I can’t live without is cheese, any variety.

  3. Just realized my comment was totally ambiguous. What I meant was..

    If you are with someone you cannot live without, the alternative is inconcievable and undeserving of consideration. If however, you are not so blessed, that same state is both unhealthy and unnecessary.

    I really have to read these over before I submit….yeeesh!

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