Cole’s Ball-buster Meme

The balls in this scenario are purely metaphorical, mind you. I recently announced that I would not, could not meme anymore. I set a standard, you know; a stricture to live by. However, – it is important to fail of one’s minor goals so that one has enough energy to devote to larger pursuits.

Well, that’s my story, anyway. TIV tagged me for this, and while it’s true that this meme has a chain-letter feel to it, and I’m basically superstitious, it’s also true that TIV is a new blog read, and I want to be gracious and good sportish so she doesn’t think I’m an uppity what-to. So here is the ‘last hurrah’ blog meme. (I mean it this time. Honest.)

Like the chain letters of yore, the instructions here are to remove the top blog from the list, send that blog 65,000 foreign spam letters (or just say hello) and then add your name to the bottom of the list.

Therefore: Remove the blog in the top spot from the list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

1. Vaguetarian Tea Room- (
2. drawing on the walls- (
3. temporal millionaire- (
4. Blahblahblah- (
5. TIV- (
6. Stop and Wander- (

Next, select five people to tag: Hello, hard part. Hm. I wonder what this ‘Next’ button can do?

1. My Blog. My Space. My Place.

2. In the Charamon Garden

3. Me. Myself & Jonna

4. Imperfect Angel

5. Funky Corners

Five snacks you enjoy:

1. crunchy cheetos
2. red grapes
3. triscuits and salmon dip
4. pink juice
5. frozen blueberries

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

Look After You- The Fray
Fly Me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra
Hook- Blues Traveler
Why, Georgia, Why- John Mayer
Wichita Skyline- Shawn Colvin

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Set aside a big chunk for Sierra’s college
Pay off anything left on parent’s house/car payments,
and send my grandparents on a tour of Europe
Travel. Everywhere.
Squander cash in a grandiose fashion

Five bad habits:

1. Procrastination.
2. Avoidance.
3. P.M.S. chocolate hording
4. Occasional disconnection from all relationships.
5. Poor Time Management Skills.

Five things you like doing:

1. Sleeping
2. Chocolate Hording.
3. Reading in the bathtub.
4. Talking to my hottie.
5. Writing

Five things you would never wear again:

1. That new blouse that an ex said made me look like a cheap waitress.

2. Those shoes that smelled like a donkey’s ass when they got wet.

3. My Easter Bunny fugly nighty

4. That M&M sweatshirt that turned out to be the specific shade of green that show’s people what I will look like as a corpse.

5. Leg warmers.

Five favorite toys:

1. iPod
2. iTunes
3. iMac
4. iCar
5. iHottie

Now I’m going to talk about poetry, per TIV’s request. Except…. how Serendipitous! I already did! Talk about it, that is…

I wrote this article some time ago which specifically wrangles the topic, ‘Tips for Writing Poetry‘. I think I did a bang-up job. If I could apply my own advice, it would be even better.


16 thoughts on “Cole’s Ball-buster Meme

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  2. Before I continue you reading, I had to laugh at the idea of failing at minor goals so as to have the energy to pursue the big stuff (bad paraphrasing is my specialty). When I quit smoking I was part of an online support group that had members from all over the world. There was a woman from Turkey I connected with and we’d email each other during rough spots in our quits. She lectured me a few times about how Americans tend to over analyze things in an effort to fail. She suggested that the next time I felt the need to analyze and fail, I should find a smaller mistake to make. Break dishes, spill paint, burn the dinner. That way I could succeed at the big thing: quitting smoking.

    Now, whenever I feel the need to fail, I burn dinner or let the cats spill tea all over my keyboard. Heh.

  3. Good morning!

    Welcome home (?), lillipilli

    pmousse- inspired, eh? *grins* I thought of that because I get so many hits for the g-string post with people searching for ‘iThong’

    bibliomom- exactly, about the donkey’s ass thing. It’s hard to mingle with awful, odiferous shoes. Your comment went into moderation. Comments have been going into moderation randomly lately, particularly teaspoons & ombudsben’s. I have no idea why this is… no one is being moderated.

    hi, hi Ron (almost from still in Bolivia) iKnow. iThink iSense (an) iPattern.

    Robin- I would edit the typos but I’m having trouble like, finding them. But hey, right, those are your small mistakes for the day, now you can go win the lotto! I wonder, did the lady from Turkey succeed at quitting? just curious.

  4. Yes, she did. Before I did, in fact. I had more than a few false starts before I truly learned the benefits of burning dinner (which is hard task for me, to just let it go and let it burn).

  5. Thanks for the blog visit – I’m sure Cole’s curses won’t befall you now! LOL. You have quite the blog going on here. I will have to return and visit you some more! :)

  6. Shoes that smell like a donkey’s ass? Awesome. You can hand them down to me. And what is with all the hate for leg warmers? They were and are awesome. FLASHDANCE rules.


  7. Um, I really, really am flattered and appreciative that this will be your very last meme. I am honored in the extreme that you did this for me. HOWEVER… I have to call attention to the fact that I do not see any distinction whatsoever between three of your bad habits and think they may in fact be sly synonyms for the same thing: Procrastination, Avoidance, and Poor Time Management. Is it me or what?

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