Grab Bag: Points of intrigue

I’m out of here for a few days, so here’s are some blog-posts and websites that I feel are worth a look-see while I’m gone.

at shimmering wave light cove

Not going to name authors, just give a few words of description. What you choose to click will be a surprise. Yay!

The Adventurer.

Book blog. Book post. Book person.

Breathtaking photos by an awesome human being.

A most sensible view of beauty.

Ah, Pierre!

Enchanted wood‘, ‘gratefulness‘ and ‘how I want to be‘.

Haiku U, newly enrolled.

Gross, but oh so intriguing.

A walk through a memory of New Mexico.

Heart, mind and spirit conveyed in five brief paragraphs.

Veins of life; striking similarities.

Wondrous words, and more of them.

This made me want to write.

My second favoritest funny story of all time.

The post that made me a fan.

Nummies! Mmmmm. Aaaaah. Oohhhh.

Something I kinda wanted once, and still do.

Ben introduced me: a poem, just a little one.

Mr. M makes sense

& finally, thought for the day.


11 thoughts on “Grab Bag: Points of intrigue

  1. Ooohh! I’m so glad Tiv pointed me in this direction. A brave new world to discover! I’ve already clicked on a few links and… damn, just as I was going to take a day away from the ‘puter I had to come stumbling over here. Oh well. There are worse things in life I suppose.

  2. I really enjoyed the breathtaking photos of NE Ohio (because, you know, I’m in NE Ohio). I know most people probably don’t associate this corner of the world with breathtaking photos and beauty, but it really is a nice place in an understated way.

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