I can’t work like this….

Waking up things are blechy. My gray mass has turned to something even uglier, like greenish taupe. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a Drano nightcap, but my throat thinks so. Dehydrated. Snarf blast. I hate it when I wake up noticably dumber and uglier than when I went to bed.

My brain worked just fine last night. If only I’d written my post then. Today, I go to Yahoo and they have this sucker faced Dinosaur as the top story.

Such is my absence of brain activity that I just stare at the thing for a minute or two, not comprehending. Finally a sluggish response of indignant skepticism. A sucker faced dinosaur? You know what? Paleontology is just being an attention whore now. People haven’t been focusing on the dinos for a month or two, not since the giant chicken-lizard, so now they’ve gone and gotten creative. Now they’re making shit up.

There’s no way they found a hoover-faced lizard in the Sahara. No way. They probably got some model-building geeks to dream this one up, and then brushed the plastic pieces with a bone-like patina. That’s my theory.

And they shouldn’t. Nope. It’s time for endangered species to have the spotlight for a minute. People only have so much attention span to give to ‘science-y’ things, and these suck-face reptilians are stealing the thunder.

It’s even an unbelievable size. They made it look too dinosaury. What do they think we are, stupid?


5 thoughts on “I can’t work like this….

  1. I wonder what they’ll come up with next.

    I’ve been feeling that way all week. Not like a sucker faced dinosaur (although who knows if a sucker faced dinosaur ever had days/weeks like this?), but like my brain has turned to mush. A hangover without the fun of having gotten drunk first.

  2. I’m with pmousse. :)

    My daughter loves the dinos, so she thought the sucker faced thing was cool. Though she wasn’t too impressed, since WE can suck up our spaghetti already, what’s so exciting? Maybe they should have contacted her before fabricating this whole shennanigan?

    Hope you feel better soonly.

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