Four Meme and a Beautiful Song

Pamplemousse tagged me with this, the meme of Four.

4 words to describe my response to this meme: agreeable, intrigued, reflective, game.

4 jobs I’ve had: hotel desk clerk, cashier at a 12 Months of Christmas shop, Montessori preschool teacher, line worker at a pickle factory

4 movies I’ll watch over and over: The Mummy 2, Coyote Ugly, American Sweethearts, Erin Brokovich

4 places I’ve lived: Oregon, Oregon, Oregon & Oregon

4 shows I watch: Project Runway, Men in Trees, Scrubs & The West Wing on DVD

4 foods I love: grapes, fine chocolate, scallops, a really good sandwich

4 places I’ve been: The Bahamas, Four Corners, British Columbia, the 2 American Disney destinations- (over and over again)

4 websites I go to daily: this place, yahoo, my writing sites

4 places I might rather be: Italy, East, Hawaii, with him

4 people I’m now tagging with this meme: Aos, Benji, Julie, Corina

5 thoughts on “Four Meme and a Beautiful Song

  1. Gee. I was tagged for two different memes today. Now I know why people don’t like them. This one is interesting, and at least it’s only FOUR!

    I should combine them. A meme of four guilty pleasures? Huh. An idea!

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