Mostly a note to self

Today I’m just gonna list all the stuff I have decided to write about here, but haven’t gotten around to yet. (because the queue is getting longer, and I’m starting to forget stuff. Does anyone remember where I live, by any chance?)

1. Red Ravine writing exercise on loss.
2. Favorite book/being the character
3. Mixed tape idea, inspired by Jaynova
4. Roommate post, inspired by Corina
5. Freaky 6th Grade year, memory inspired by Teaspoon
6. Why my dog is an alien, with pictures, requested by Ombuds, sort of.
7. The tale of Chi-quiq, inspired by the cutest Italian in the world.

Friday round-up will commence next week. Reading some new blogs now, and I’d like to explore a bit more before I link to latest reads/intrigues.


I’ll start on this impressive to-do list when else, of course, but ‘tomorrow’.


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