Friday Round-up (kyped)

This idea is stolen, thieved, kyped, warped & manipulated for my own purposes. Ain’t I clever? Paul of Cafe Philos was going to start a Friday round-up where he shared some funny, titillating, or thought-provoking net bytes he’d come across through the week.

Then, …I’m not sure what happened. The idea seems to have killed his blog impulses utterly. His writer’s pulse went dead. He’d be an interesting case on the television show ‘House‘, where they make snappy comebacks over the splayed, gray corpse. (The success of that and other hospital dramas is kinda weird, ain’t it? I mean, its interesting to watch, but if I were dying I wouldn’t be real keen on having some self-righteous twerp of a physician be shockingly rude to me. I’d probly punch his fat nose in.)

I digress.

These posts sparked my intrigue this week:

This at The Lilli Pad: So true. She minces no words.

This post, by pamplemousse, delves deep into the allure of these ‘digital worlds’- exploring how part of the attraction may be that these connections are transitory.

Over at david b-log, the monkeys are coming!

Take a peek at what Aos has collected from the annals of improbable research.

Particularly apt for the writer’s among us, the latest at Tim Sandlin’s blog.

Corina has been exploring the phenomenon of room mates. Her summation.

Orgies and things, at Not Exactly Rocket Science.

A cheerful update from Other david.

And of course, I must make the grave announcement that Unrealistic Expectations has turned to the dark side and become a cat-blog. It’s a sad, sad day for blog-kind, but maybe their vicious predator depictions will erase the tinge of cutesy bile that rises up in a reader’s throat. How it started.


I’m adding an amazing picture section to the Round-up

Stevo, The green bamboo

Robin’s Valentine.

Ron’s rocket ship.


8 thoughts on “Friday Round-up (kyped)

  1. Thanks for pointing me to David’s update. Due to the crazy nature of my week I hadn’t had an opportunity for much bloggishness and it’s good to know that he was still alive at that post.

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