Beautiful and Terrible

California’s been on fire- You’ve likely heard. A half a million people have been evacuated from their homes, and well over a thousand homes were swallowed by the blazes that raged from the Mexican border up to Los Angeles county. But today broke with good news that the Santa Ana winds had calmed, and all but three of the eight major blazes were contained.

I didn’t realize the wildfires were making news headlines internationally, and that people all over the world have been checking out the damage by satellite.

Wired News had this article Tuesday, featuring eerily lovely images of the blaze. A haunting aerial view shows gigantic plumes of smoke streaming out to the Pacific Ocean.


The fire has made the baja peninsula into art. You could frame these, and have something more beautiful than a lot of other modern masterpieces out there. ‘Course, …it’s a tad morbid.

Irrelevant tidbit: The name Heath= scorched earth or Wasteland. Wildfires have turned Cali into a Heath cliff. Wouldn’t Brontë be proud?


5 thoughts on “Beautiful and Terrible

  1. Yes, I’ve heard. And knew it was making headlines at least as far as England when a friend from the U.K. asked if I’ll be canceling my trip next week. M and I are California bound on November 3rd. We’re going to San Diego.

    The last time we ventured west to California, in April 2006, the area we were in (San Francisco and surrounds) was drowning in rain.

    I’m glad to hear that the winds have calmed.

    I chuckled at your irrelevant tidbit. Nice play on words. :)

  2. Wow, you’ve had an active autumn, Robin. Bon Voyage!

    You’ll be taking your camera along to San Diego, I trust. It’ll be interesting to see the pictures you bring back. I hope all the fires are gone by then.

  3. When our BART train came up out of the tube into the east bay I noticed how milky the sky was. Both looking toward the east bay hills and back at SF, which was in silhouette, there was so much junk in the air. Mrs Ombud noticed it, too, when we met, a very fine cloudiness, shading light brown into the distance. She’d heard on the news it is from the fires in SoCal; they’ve blownm out ove the ocean, but there has been some blowback toward the coast.

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