Some Recent Search Terms

Here’s how some recent visitors have gotten here this week. I’m not sure whether to giggle or be terribly concerned.

brazillian g strings pic 2

I like to eat soap 1

Irwin Wander 1

subconsciously suicide go back time 1

horny african 1

ass G strings 1

dwarf sneeze 1

girl eye balling each of your eyes 1

ithong 1

surreal sheep shift 2

shark looking at people picture jpg 2

hairless bunnies balls 2

microkini 1

pictures of sharks eating dogs 1

should i pick my pimples 1

pictures of sharks giving birth 3

girl on girl g string 1

no i usually never give a 2nd chance. yo 1

how do i widen my butt hole 1

leapfrog sheep 1

rock music video with fuzzy purple monster 1

jack hole jerkwad 1

prophet stopping random walk 1

Pootie-Poot 4

why isnt my girl horny 1

t-shirt dwarf inappropriate 1

horny natives 3

pictures of sharks that people see 1

used g string pic 3

spider drowning 1

i want a sense of wander 1

extreme male g string 1

picture of a shark eating puppy 1

henrys 8 monks 1

irritable vowel 1

words that sound like presences 1

good comeback to “fuck off” 1

baby sharks eating their siblings in thewomb 1

are we food for aliens 2

anal thong g string 1

pictures of shark eating baby doll 1

gorilla ficking girl 1

shark pictures and a lot 2

edible thongs wiki 1

the reason for giant purple people eater 1


13 thoughts on “Some Recent Search Terms

  1. I would say these search terms clearly indicate that you have a wonderful blog. People only get to my blog by searching for boring things like “josh ritter” and “what is a teaspoon” and “i don’t like studying.” Consider yourself lucky! ;)

  2. Here are the ones that made me laugh and made my youngest daughter come over and say “Mo-om!” and try to see what I was looking at:

    I like to eat soap 1

    hairless bunnies balls 2

    should i pick my pimples 1

    how do i widen my butt hole 1

    irritable vowel 1

    baby sharks eating their siblings in thewomb 1

  3. Pootie-poot? Oh. Man! Beautiful!

    I have to make a running ‘best of’ tab. These things are wonderful found artworks.

    Can I say “thanks for sharing” without making anyone want to puke? That’s really how I feel. I don’t think I’ve ever typed it before. And most of the times that I’ve read it, I’ve experienced pangs of nausea. So, I’m worried that my typing it will do that to you.

    I hope your stomach feels good.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want an iThong. But I kind of hope it doesn’t widen my butt hole… I’m pretty satisfied with its current width, thanks. My favourite, though, is irritable vowel. I’m sure I have IVS.

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  6. can i be serious here for minute? what is ficking?

    gorilla ficking girl

    please say it ain’t, for the love of god, please don’t tell me that…..

    ….LOL! great post! everytime i think i find a favorite search term i read the list over again and find another one.

  7. i finally picked, honest

    good comeback to “fuck off”

    only because sad, but true, and some times funny, i just can’t get enough usage of the f word, fortunately i do have an on and off switch for it

    my top use of fuck:

    fuckin ay (as in did that just fucking happen)
    fuccccked up (as in that is fucked up that they did that)
    fuck yeah (fuck it, sure)

    i could probably make a fortune in NY with buttons that say ‘fuck’ in black and have the red circle and slash over it

    wouldn’t that be fucking something?

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